I’ll Be Better Prepared Tomorrow

Today is Day 1 of Advanced iOS Programming and I’ve learned that Historic Banning Mill has poor wifi and little cell coverage. Who knew?

I’ll prepared a blog post offline tonight and post tomorrow when I can.

Have a great Monday friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to I’ll Be Better Prepared Tomorrow

  1. Steve says:

    I wonder if that is intentional- don’t let your feeble little minds wander away from your IOS focus?

    I finally purchased a cyclocross bike, and Debbie ratted me out and now the whole F’ing world knows it. 🙂 I can only say it seemd to fit OK, even though the seat needed to be raised when I rode it, and the shifters and brakes need some work, so on my way home, I dropped it off with Barb and Allan (many thanks) at a brief stop at the Wheelhopper ending. And brief was plenty as Naked Chef and Dr. DooDoo were already sans clothing. (it was the naked hash, after all)

    Sunday was one of the worst rides I can ever remember. I rode to the inlaws on the other side of Zebulon (35 miles). Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in the legs. I even stopped at 20 miles for a 10 minute break. I called Debbie, but she hadn’t left the house yet- I told her if she passes me to stop, but I did manage to make it the whole way. Almost passed out getting off the bike- not kidding. That was awful. Not enough carbs- I hope that was all it was.

    Have a happy Monday!!


  2. Martha says:

    Ugh Steve, sorry about the ride, I’ve had plenty of runs like that lately…it just sucks.

    Speaking of … I made the decision to cut back my training for the fall. Just too much going on, with the house, work, my mind just isn’t in the game right now. I think it will be good to take a break.

    Have fun with the cross bike, maybe next year…not buying anything new until after the renovation…because I’ll just have to find a place to store it.

  3. bob says:

    Have fun at nerd camp Paulie!

    Wheelhopper was rough, after being sick all week I attempted to ride. 5 miles of trail is all I got before bailing and driving to the end. Sorry I missed you at the end Steve. Glad you got a cross bike though, cross racing is fun as hell!

    There is a 65 mile gravel grinder in middle GA that I have my eye on for Saturday. If my lungs clear up this week and can actually breathe I may make my way down there.

  4. Steve says:

    I think it will be a blast to have and take out on the gravel roads. After yesterday, any idea I had about actually racing ‘cross kind of left, but that might change. The bike is suprising light for 2007(8) and entry level CX. He did replace the wheels, so that may have helped. <$400, so you couldn't beat the price.

  5. On a quick break.

    Today’s odd ailment: While walking at home yesterday I seemed to put a splinter into my right foot (formerly known as the “good” foot). However, I cannot seem to locate the darned thing to extract it so all day yesterday and into today my foot hurts a bit each time I walk on it.


  6. Martha says:

    I’ve had that happen before, I’ve been running or such and I get a stabbing pain in my toe…take the shoe of, shake it out nothing, look at the sock, can see anything, take the sock off, all is see is a stray dog/cat hair…sticking out of my foot…really?? Am I that delicate???

    I know you can’t do it right now but a soak in warm water, once you get home may help.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I tried soaking last night in the jacuzzi. Yeah, that’s right there is a jacuzzi in my room. 🙂

    Pics tomorrow if I can.

  8. Steve says:

    I know my feet are delicate- I can barely walk outside, even on just concrete. It always strikes me as funny how small something can be that can produce such pain.

    Jacuzzi? This sleep away camp sounds pretty plush. No mosquito netting? No s’mores by the campfire?

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