Not Quite All That I Wanted

I had a good weekend with Saturday being as full as full could be and then the rest of the weekend, well, notsomuch.

Today’s Daily Challenge
Eat one food that’s high in quercetin, such as orange, grapefruit, apple, onion, or parsley.

Quercetin is part of a group of plant pigments that go by the name of flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants, which can help prevent or repair cell damage that can lead to disease. Quercetin behaves like an anti-inflammatory in the body and may help protect against heart disease and cancer.

An apple a day…

Big Day On Saturday
I arose very early on Saturday so that I could make it out to the DragonCon parade at the appointed meet up time of 9:00am. I had been advised to ride MARTA to downtown so I made sure to budget at least an hour for MARTA’s inability to run an efficient train service, especially on the weekends. To my surprise MARTA was running smoothly and I was in downtown in no more than thirty minutes.

With time to kill I stopped into the downtown Starbucks for a coffee and pumpkin bread before walking up Peachtree to the parade route. After meeting my friends, closer to 9:45am than the appointed 9:00am, I guided us nearer the start of the parade in hopes that the crowds would be smaller (it’s off Peachtree and further from any train station so I was hoping fewer people would make the journey). I was only marginally correct and as you will see from my photos I wasn’t able to get the greatest position for photography.

From the parade my friends and I found our way up to Marietta for some bowling — a request of my friend who is an apparent bowling nut — at the newly renovated Brunswick Lanes on Delk Road. The renovation is very nice, in fact the alley might be too nice to host a Cheddarhead again. I managed to bowl much better than the recent fiasco afternoon at 300, but then again that’s not saying much.

Around 5:00pm the three of us made our way to meet up with our boss at Dunwoody Tavern. My boss, a Clemson graduate, wanted to watch the Georgia v. Clemson game so we picked a place and decided to meet early enough to get a seat when the scene changed from Alabama/Virginia Tech fans to Georgia/Clemson fans. To my surprised Dunwoody Tavern was nearly completely empty at 5:00pm! In fact, when I pulled into the parking lot I worried that the place was closed since there were so few cars present. Incredibly I stayed at Dunwoody Tavern until the end of the Georgia/Clemson game at a little past midnight.

It was no surprised that I slept late on Sunday and never got my groove on all day long.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Here’s Waldo”
Here's Waldo
My position for the DragonCon parade was less than ideal, in part because I waited forever for my friends to arrive. Because of this my shots aren’t as ideal as I’d like, but I did the best I could with the situation at hand.

Oh Labor Day, Oh Labor Day. You Make Me Such A Slacker
I wasn’t nearly as productive yesterday as I had hoped to be. Waking up to the sound of rain ruled out any yard work or cycling, so I saw no need to spring out of bed. The weather outlook also made the likelihood of my attend the Mets v. Braves game unlikely (good move on my part, the Braves won 13-5).

I spent the day doing little things, minor cleaning, a smattering of cooking, some video watching, and some reading. At day’s end I didn’t quite feel as if I made the best of my day off.

Has It Really Been A Year?
While speaking to my mother last night discussing Labor Day activities, I realized that it’s been a year since the Jackmobile was rear-ended by some asshat in the lavanderia parking lot while I was inside doing laundry.

Man, where does the time go?

Happy Belated Birthday
ITP-Reader Martha celebrated a birthday this weekend and I was too self-involved to mention it on the blog last Friday (seems to happen to me a lot lately…). I hope that you had a wonderful day. I have a birthday present for you, it assists you in making coffee when you are no where near electricity. 🙂

Today’s Personal Project
If my legs are up to it I shall either go for a walk or head to LA Fitness for some cardio.

Stats & Goals
Current Mood – okay I suppose
Current Music – silence at the moment
Website Of The Day – While listening to a podcast yesterday I heard about this blog All the Buildings in New York on which a guy posts his drawings around New York City.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Morning Weigh-In – SONNABITCH! I forgot again

Foot Mileage – 0.0 miles
Wheel Mileage – 0.0 miles
Gym Visits – 0 (0 cardio)

Days Of Bed-Making – 0

Vegetarian Meals – 2
Carnivorous Meals – 2

Marta Rides To Work – 0
Bike Rides To Work – 0

September Goals
– exercise no fewer than twenty days (and I’m starting on Day 3 so I have my work cut out for me)
– clean my basement to the point where I could have people over
– hire a plumber to replace my malfunctioning faucets

2013 Goals: Measurable
– Get my weight down to 190 pounds so that I can wear a 36″ waist pants comfortably
– Completely read ten books, audio books permissible
– Dissolve Sharpened Stone
– Save $500 for the sole purpose of donating to charitable organizations of my choice
– Completely run at least one 10k
– Fix all (or at least most) of the things which are wrong with the ITP Estate

2013 Goals: Unmeasurable
– Simplify, simplify, simplify
– Continue backing up all data, including the off-site storage
– Do not create a solution for something which is not a problem
– Eat smaller portions
– Start, and continue, to make my own bread using my bread machine as well as using the technique outlined in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
– Read and discard magazines during the month in which they arrive (even digitally)
– Take two real vacations, perhaps one abroad
– Take a more proactive approach to meeting women (read “stop being such a pussy”)

Books I’ve Read/Heard In 2013

  1. Pages 1.7 for iPad (Timestompers Guide) — by Sean Wells
  2. 60 Mountain Lion Tips — by David Sparks and Brett Terpstra
  3. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business — by Charles Duhigg
  4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy — by Douglas Adams
  5. Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness — by CC Chapman
  6. So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love — by Cal Newport
  7. Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life — by Steve Martin
  8. Who Am I: A Memoir — by Pete Townshend

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Not Quite All That I Wanted

  1. Huh, I just realized that I accidentally stopped doing my “Monday Big Three” task list. I’ll start this up again next week.

  2. bob says:

    I have been wanting to see the Dragon Con parade for years but always seem to have a conflict. Maybe next year…..

    This years conflict was driving to Memphis to see my brothers new place. Good times, we stopped by Graceland, Sun studios, and Beale street. On the way home we even stopped by Elvis’s birthplace in Tupelo.

    My vacation is coming together, going to be riding in 5 states in 7 days starting with the Wheelhopper on the 15th. I can’t wait, this will be a fun trip.

  3. Whoa, is that riding on a bicycle or riding on a motorcycle?

    I submitted a hotel registration form yesterday for one of the hash hotels in Brussels. It’s becoming apparent that “Big Trip ’14” will have a very European theme.

  4. bob says:

    All on a bicycle, hitting all the trails that I want to ride but just can’t seem to get to.

    Wheelhopper in GA
    Coldwater mtn in AL
    Raccoon mtn in TN
    2 days at Tsali NC
    2 days at Pisgah NC
    Issaqueena lake trail in Clemson SC

  5. Martha says:

    Thanks Paulie.

    It was a pretty good BDay weekend. No big plans, did some shopping, ate lots of bad food, I even got Jerry to do yoga and watch The World’s End with me. I loved it, Jerry not so much.

    I’ve got one more day of vacation…but if the mortgage paperwork comes in today, I’ll probably end up going in so I can print it all off, sign, scan and send back. Fingers crossed.

  6. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday again Martha!
    Glad you got Jerry to do stuff you wanted to do!
    Allan wants to see that movie soon.

    I was busy most of the the weekend – went to Lake Keowee SC on Friday afternoon & came back Saturday night, Allan worked Sunday & I spent the day up in Ellijay, then Monday was a lazy day around the house.

    We are up for a bowling outing – we should get one planned.

  7. That place is really nice. Be warned, they now charge by the hour per lane, however. I do not know how much the cost was because my coworker’s (also a friend) husband paid for everything. I do know that including two pitchers of beer and three pairs of shoe rental the bill was over $100 however.

  8. Good news from the Brussels front: They have confirmed receiving my reservation request and that I have supplied correct information. Now I await an actual reservation confirmation.

    In the upcoming months I will determine how monumental a trip I want to make this and start considering airline travel.

  9. Steve says:

    Back in the orafice after an early morning physical- the last Dr. retired, but the new guy had the next office for 13 years, so knew many stories. He also said the old doc put all the info I ever told him into the notes, so he knew where I had gone on our honeymoon!! Too funny.

    Last I heard, Farley was doing better but we do think he has the p-numonia. Off to see the local vet- I’m tired of making the drive to the ER Vet.

    The eye is slowly getting better. I no longer look like a pirate in need of an eye patch. Arrrgh.

    Dinner last night with Afterbirth, Bubbette, and Sleazy Rider in Peachtree City. Terri was here to run 20 miles around PTC. Some bandit running group that sounds a lot like a group of hashers, but isn’t.

    No exercise all weekend. Ugh.


  10. Steve says:

    And a big shout out to old farts… Diana somebody went for a swim and Chris Horner took back the leaders jersey at the Vuelta!!! The nickname for him in the peloton is “Grandfather” and the old man showed the new kids how to win a bike race!! Spanked them good. Just 2 more weeks to go.

  11. Barb says:

    here’s the name of the hotel I booked in Brussels –
    Hotel Silken Berlaymont Brussels.
    I know Deposit & Oops are somewhere else.
    I am thinking we will flying out Thursday 7/17 (or so) & coming back Monday 7/28.

  12. Barb says:

    Deposit thinks they are at the Raddison Blue.

  13. Oh cool, the Hotel Silken Berlaymont is where I am trying to get my room. I’m just waiting on confirmation.

    I’m debating going a few weeks early and seeing England and Germany because I never know if I’ll be able to return.

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