Travel Day, Part 2

I’ve already showered, cooked and eaten an eggy breakfast, and checked out of my room. Why so early? I have no idea.

US 19
I am intrigued by US 19. Built before the Interstate Highway system it must have been a well-traveled artery back in the day of Desotos, Packards, Plymouths, and Chevrolets. Having lived near US 19 for years in Florida (where I first discovered its existence) I chuckle every time I see it on a map (part of Roswell Road ITP is US 19!). Nanthahala Village Resort, where I have stayed the previous two nights is, you guessed it, on US 19. You are so smart!

I will be leaving the venerable highway again soon as I travel east to Black Mountain to meet up with ITP-Readers Lisa and Randy for a few days of LEAF. (side note: I need a better way to blog when on my iPad)

I Was A Bad Man
Productivity did not run high yesterday. My attempts at reading we’re okay, but my attempt at coding led to an unplanned nap.

I was thwarted twice yesterday by the rain — once when I thought that I could gamble and try to find the hiking trail, and once when the skies finally turned blue at the resort and I drove into Bryson City where is proceeded to piss down rain Florida style. I decided at that point to blow off all “responsibility” I had assigned myself and just relax.

I ate an early dinner (5:30pm) at Anthony’s pizzeria (where I got to hear some locals go on and on about the merits of the nearby casino) and then I waddled over to the Nanthahala Brewing Company and proceeded to drink four, 5-ounce samplers and get my growler filled with beer for this weekend.

The thought of wandering around Bryson City passed through my mind but I lost the adventurer’s spirit on this trip and drove back to the resort, walked up to the restaurant for a cup of coffee and some dessert (a slice of chocolate ganache), and then walked back to my cabin where I sat and watched football before cashing in my chips (see what I did there?) for the night.

I am on vacation goddammit!

Taking WiFi For Granted
As a city slicker I take ubiquitous, somewhat-speedy WiFi for granted. I have been reminded of this the past two days as I have sat outside the one location at which I can connect to the resort’s WiFi and wait, and wait, and wait, for my podcasts to download.

Paulie needs his stories.

I am planning on taking a detour on my way from Bryson City to Black Mountain because it’s only a ninety-minute straight drive and I have time to kill. There is little sense arriving very early as I will have nothing to do except put up my tent.

I am also hoping that the sun manages to break through sometime soon so that the drive is prettier and I won’t be freezing my ass off all weekend (it’s supposed to train tomorrow).

Until Monday!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Travel Day, Part 2

  1. Jenka says:

    How am I the first to comment?!

    And in an ironic twist of events, I think everyone’s off work today *except* Martha. HEH. I’m headed down to Savannah for the weekend, should be in the 80s down there. Have fun camping, Paulie!

  2. Martha says:

    This work thing is really overrated…ugh, how is it only 11:30.

    Well I really haven’t done any work, just reading, replying and deleteing weeks worth of emails…

    A bit of good news, somehow my plants survived 17 days without me.

    I need to run out for a bite of lunch, I have meetings from 12 – 2:30…blerg!

  3. Barb says:

    yep- I was off Friday.

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