Fits To Starts

Hmmm, I am hoping that my days gets better quickly.

While at Flip Burger last night I hatched a plan to have a great day today — “Since I am officially on vacation (it’s an accounting thing) why don’t I just work a half day and leave at noon? This way I will be able to avoid traffic and take care of some errands, and have a relaxing afternoon.” BRILLIANT!

And then as I started to get ready for work this morning I remembered that I was committed to sit through an interview all afternoon. NOT BRILLIANT!

To salvage a day that was obviously not going to be the day I had initially envisioned I decided to start it late and run my errands before going to the office.

Errand #1 is to drop off some paperwork at State Farm. I probably could have emailed or faxed the paperwork, but my agent’s office is nearby so I decided to do it in person.

Because I was obviously going to be near their office before they opened I decided to stop into Starbucks to write this post. And then I couldn’t log onto the internet using Starbucks’/AT&T’s network. Ugh.

So today is an “iPad post.”

Errand #2 is a stop at Delta Community Credit Union. This was supposed to happen tomorrow (along with my scheduled lunch time haircut) as part of my day off, but since the painters will just be starting their project instead of wrapping it up then I will try and take care of this chore today.

About This I May Be Pleasantly Surprised
After fighting more insane traffic last night to get from a Perimeter Mall to Flip Burger on Howell Mill I was pleased with the meal that my friend and I had. This was the makeup dinner for the meal I offered for her birthday, so I picked up the tab.

When I arrived home I discovered a voice mail from Horizon Theatre (bummer, TextExpander expansion doesn’t currently work in 1Password). “We noticed that you hadn’t arrived by curtain call to use your VIP tonight. You might be able to exchange this ticket for another performance for a $5 fee.” Cool!

Even if the shows between now and Christmas aren’t sold out I won’t be able to attend. However, the show runs through the 31st so I might be able to work something out between now and then.

Regardless of whether or not a I can exchange my ticket a Horizon Theatre has certainly earned a charitable donation this year.

Okay, This is frustrating so I am wrapping this up for today.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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15 Responses to Fits To Starts

  1. Steve says:

    Let see… I’ve decided to give up on my fight with my chain saw and took it to a place for repair- whose winter hours are closed on Wednesday- WTF? I’ll try again today.

    Eye doctor says not to come back for a year! I’ve been going every 6 months for a while and this will be a nice change.

    Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews was completed at Target. Now if I can remember who gets what…

    3rd Wednesday was OK. A few more folks than normal, and they were serving lamb burgers! Tasty!! And George also pushed a Red Brick Chai Tea Milk Stout. I wasn’t sure I liked it, so I had 2 bottles!! Different.

    On todays agenda is go back to the chain saw place, and get a second opinion, Should be fun!

    Barb, what’s on the menu Sunday so we can bring an appropriate side dish?


  2. Barb says:

    good question for Sunday – I know Mary got a spiral sliced ham, we may smoke some pork butt. After that – anything & everything – usually finger foods are better of course. I honestly haven’t put enough thought into it.

    That is weird about the chain saw place.

    Anyone have any brilliant idea about what to get parents for Christmas? People that need nothing…….

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Still working my way through trying to have a good day today. So far stopped in Starbucks, State Farm, Publix, a thrift store which didn’t have anything for me to buy for Sunday’s party, and now I’m headed to Target, before I go to the office.

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yeah, I just realized that I failed to make it to the credit union. Oh well, I guess I’ll try that tomorrow after all.

  5. Steve says:

    Barb, how about things they would not think about for themselves- monthly flower deliveries or fruit of the month. Something they might not know they enjoy. Tickets to the symphony? Or theater?

  6. Rats! I just heard from the dry cleaners that one of the shirts I dropped off a couple of minutes ago has spots that look bad. I’ve been toting it in the trunk for a couple of days, after it spent a good amount of time bundled up on the floor of my closet since I last wore it in October/November. Since I haven’t been dressing up nicely since the foot injury (you may recall I was trying to present myself better as I was working out and (maybe) starting to lose weight) this has become my routine.

    What really sucks is that it’s my favorite “dress-up” shirt and the one I was planning to wear on Monday night. 🙁

  7. Barb says:

    Well- my parents just got a $25 gift of me paying their baggage fee on the Delta website, so they don’t have to deal with it. I checked them in, & emailed them their boarding pass. Now, if mom can just figure out how to print it. If not, she can get them reprinted at the airport.

  8. Martha says:

    My day has been off to a not so stellar start as well. First my trainer didn’t show up for our appointment today. So instead of working out on my own, I wandered around the gym for an additonal 10 min, did a few curls and a KBS…and I left. Ugh, so lazy. Then not 15 minutes ago, I broke the heel on my shoe. I’m going to sit here for another hour then just go home. I’m taking the day off tomorrow anyway.

    Christmas shopping is about done…just a couple of gifts for Jerry’s brothers’ significat others…who of course, I have no idea what to get them and to figure out a birthday present for my niece, she turns 12, Dec 28th…I hate the idea of combining it with her Christmas gift.

  9. Barb, not sure what I’ll be toting on Sunday but I’ll guarantee to bring some fancy-pants beer (or wine) and a finger-friendly-food along with me on Sunday. I’ll be the guy dressed in the non-holiday wear. 😉

  10. Jenka says:

    Martha, you did *one* KBS? That is so frickin’ awesome. Seriously. It’s like, “Ugh. I’m done.” I totally feel you. On a related note, does Village Fitness do, like, a free week pass if you say you might sign up for a contract? I need somewhere to workout while I’m housesitting in OP next week. Preferably for free.

  11. Barb says:

    okay- what is a KBS?

  12. Barb says:

    and Paulie – there is a good chance you won’t be the only one in non-holiday wear.

  13. Debbie says:

    Unless Steve has an ugly Christmas sweater that I don’t know about, wee won’t be in holiday garb. We can stand together and mutter “Bah Humbug”.

    We had the sweetest, most annoying waitress at lunch. She was about 4’6″ and every word had a question mark at the end. She was way overly solicitous and chatty. Steve stayed just this side of rude after she asked him questions about his meal 47 times… each when he’d just taken a bite.

  14. Jenka says:

    Barb: Kettlebell swings. Or swing, in this case. 🙂

  15. martha says:

    Yes, just one swing but it was quite a swing…

    I don’t know about the week free trial but I do get 3 guest passes each month…but I think the deal is you have to go with me and we can only go when the gym is staffed…so let me know, I’m in town until the 26th…

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