Going Away Didn’t Lighten My Load

Imagine that. Sadly things will be worse this week as I enter Week 2 of Intensive German and then go to Raleigh on Friday. I’ll be hanging with the Raleigh Royalty over the weekend before working the NC State Career Fair early next week.

While I will miss the first class due to being out of town I have also registered for the next German course, this one being held once a week however.

Really Quick Hartwell Recap
By and large Hartwell was drama-free (what a nice change). I wound up skipping the hash, not because of the fear of being left at the end again, but rather because I had ridden my bicycle hard that morning (yes, you read that correctly) and didn’t feel like hashing.

Although not assigned I kicked in to help with the cooking of dinner on Saturday night. Gentrifuckation brined some chicken breasts and BWANA and I grilled them, as well as some bratwurst, up on the grills as the remainder of the hash got plastered during their circles.

I actually rode twice this weekend (yes, you read that correctly) — on Friday I rode 17.5 miles with Super Suck, and when I saw her dress again on Saturday morning I was inspired to go out for my own 28.5 mile ride. It was funny because as I dressed she saw me and said “It’s not that I didn’t have a good ride yesterday, but I really want to ride alone.” and all I could respond with was “That’s cool because I am planning on doing my own thing anyway.” The Saturday ride was fantastic, the best that I have had since the infamous bike wreck of 2011. I considered riding a third time on Sunday morning but “Get-Away” Paulie hit and I was on the road by 10am.

Because of the beer selection, four kegs — two PBR, one Sam Adams Octoberfest, one Angry Orchid Apple Cider — I didn’t drink a whole lot. Over the entire weekend I had a few beers from the kegs, five of the six Terrapin Hi-5 IPAs that I had packed on Friday, and a few beers provided by BWANA, but not much else. To an outsider I am sure that this quantity qualifies as “a whole lot for one person” but to a hasher who has been on a “I’m not driving anywhere, therefore I can drink!” camping weekend, this is a minor amount of consumption.

On both evenings I felt detached from the crowd (which is sad considering that the hash was the rare group to which I always used to feel a part of regardless of my moods), probably because I wasn’t getting shit-faced and didn’t see much prosperity hanging out with those that were; subsequently I was in my tent early each evening.

Each evening in my tent I attempted to study my German but because of the noise I was easily distracted. On each night I lain on my Therma-Rest and quickly dozed off; the weather was perfect for sleeping. Saturday’s rest was interrupted by a hasher who played loud music in his car until shortly after 5am, which also helped me decide to skip the morning bike ride and return home to shower and take an early-afternoon nap.

Though I had planned to be studious and productive yesterday my day decayed into a long nap, a little house cleanup, and going out to dinner. While I did manage to salvage a bit of German language studying after dinner I never quite got into the groove last night. And so it’s 8am and I’ve been in the office for ninety minutes, time to go head’s down again.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Going Away Didn’t Lighten My Load

  1. Steve says:

    Let’s see. Saturday, a bit of football watching after a bike ride. An impromptu dinner with friends and a fire. We have wanted Nicole to move out of the farm she rents, but after the neighbors display of much gun fire, we’ll pass.

    There should have been another ride yesterday but chores won out. Then it was off to see Debbie’s boyfriend Chris Iasak. Dinner at Henry’s beforehand was almost aborted when we were passed by many waitstaff without a word. They recovered and it was a pleasant meal. Sadly there was no video screen at the concert and since the lawn is flat, sight lines were poor. We learned to get there much earlier for a better seat.

    Today, a bike ride and chores.


  2. Two more discoveries that happened this weekend about which I failed to mention.

    On Friday night I heard that the Guided By Voices concert that I was going to see in November has been cancelled because the band has disbanded. Fortunately I’ve now since heard from Ticketmaster that a refund is on its way to me.

    I discovered a new way to be told “I have no interest in you.” after complimenting someone in whom I’ve had interest I was told “Thanks, buddy.” Cold, but clear. Life goes on…

  3. Barb says:

    Garth Brooks was a very fun concert, but we sat in the last row of the 200 level at Philips, so you can’t see the big video screen. I was a much bigger Garth fan than Allan (I know, shocker) but he agreed it was a very good concert, Garth knows how to work the crowd. I’ve had to seriously talk myself out of trying to get tickets to see the show a 2nd time. He’s playing 2 shows again this next weekend.

    Saturday was a lazy day, Allan was working & Felicia & I ran a few errand.

    Sunday we went for a mtn bike ride at Allatoona Creek. Long lost hashers that we saw last weekend Lost Cause & Thar She Blows joined us, and a few others. I love that place, nice flowy trails without much climbing. Makes me feel like I am a better rider than I know I am. We sat around in the parking lot having a beverage or 2 or 3 after, it was such a beautiful afternoon breeze.

  4. Barb says:

    Harold didn’t ride?
    Maybe next year we can get up there, but I’m sort of like you, I don’t think I want to get totally shitfaced & I think I would get annoyed with the drunks after a while.
    I got a text from Robin that she crashed pretty bad mtn biking, I had no idea there were any trails around Lake Hartwell.

  5. Harold didn’t bring his road bike. On Friday he rode his mountain bike to the trails around there (Bob, remind us what they are called) and on Saturday he rode with Robin.

  6. bob says:

    I believe the trails around there are called Paynes creek. I have not ridden them but sounds like they are pretty good.

    Saturday Travis and I did some trail work at Charleston Park as they are getting ready for the official opening. New trail up GA 400, about 25 minutes from my place. Then after a soccer game we had our first Cub Scout den meeting. Trying to get 10 6 year olds to sit still and pay attention is exhausting! We got it figured out though and I think they all enjoyed it.
    Sunday after a bunch of housework I finally brewed another batch of beer. I got a recipe for Sweetwater 420, we will see how it turns out in about 3 weeks.

  7. Martha says:

    Not much physical activity for me this weekend. My knee is a little messed up (enough so that I went to see someone about it) it’s the meniscus and I need to take it easy for 2 weeks, so I took two full days off. Instead I did a lot of studying…I think I may have over committed myself? I will say this, accounting has to be the most boring subject I’ve ever studied…omg, how can anyone make a living doing this? (and that comes from someone that stares at numbers all day long).

  8. Martha says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, Jerry got mud on his Jeep Saturday…can you believe it?!?

  9. I don’t believe it, Martha — the mud, not the boring nature of accounting because that I totally believe. 🙂

    Those are the trails, Bob. Harold said they were nice. He also mentioned that they were difficult to ride on Saturday because they had done maintenance and the dirt was not hard-packed yet, so going uphill you sometimes lost all traction. I wonder if that’s what caused Robin to crash.

  10. Barb says:

    No way on Jerry getting mud on his Jeep!!!! No way!!!!

    And I agree on accounting being boring, I took 1 or 2 classes at Iowa State & decided that would NOT be my major.

    I’ll get the scoop from Robin on the fall, she’s bringing hte bike by one of these days to get fixed.

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