Waiting To Exhale

Man alive has my life continued to be hectic, with little relief in sight. In addition to all of the work that I have to accomplish (in the next two weeks) I also need to return the rental car (actually it’s already parked in the Hertz lot but their office wasn’t open yet so I walked to the office), drive (the Jackmobile) to Colony Square to get my annual eye exam (why didn’t I schedule it for tomorrow when I will already be there for my final German class this term?), drive (hopefully still the Jackmobile) to Peach Auto to settle my debts with them, and then return to work to attempt to get some shit done.

At some time before returning to work I will also eat lunch. This will be my only respite.

CocoaConf Atlanta 2013 >> CocoaConf Atlanta 2014
I hate to say it but last year’s CocoaConf Atlanta was much better:

  • the organization was a lot better last year
  • the speakers/sessions last year were more applicable to what I want to hear
  • the food was better last year
  • there was no Saturday night entertainment this year
  • the Atlanta iOS community support was also much better last year

And for the third time in a row I did not win a single thing at the conference-ending book giveaway.


I will have to consider all of this before signing up again for next year’s conference — if they even hold one here again next year.

All’s Weird On The Homeward Front
I mentioned in a comment recently that the house next time mine has been rented. Though I’ve not spent much time in my house since acquiring new neighbors, all seems fine.

Last week I saw that the house across the street that was up for sale and even had a “SOLD” banner attached to it was back up for sale by the realtor. This morning I saw that the realtor’s sign is gone and that the house is now for sale by owner.

Either the real estate market is more fickle than I imagined or things on my street are just weird.

Holy Shit, It’s Already The 8th Of December?
I need to mail my Christmas Cards tomorrow along with the City of Atlanta paperwork that dissolves Sharpened Stone at their level. I really wanted to go somewhere to watch the Falcons v. Packers tonight, but because I have been unable to be efficient with my chores I might have to punish myself by staying at home; this would be double-punishment as I currently do not have a way to watch ESPN at the house.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Waiting To Exhale

  1. Barb says:

    why didn’t you give Harry your credit card# when you arranged to leave the car outside locked for the after hours pickup? I’m sure he could email or fax you the receipt. (or pick it up later. I see no reason to drive over there.

  2. Barb says:

    Weekend was interesting, went to a baby shower for Canucklehead & Michelle that was family friendly, they have way too many friends with small children. But, saw some hashers that we don’t see enough of, and they had beer, it wasn’t super bad.

    Sunday went to 57 Fighter for brunch, ate too much, but didn’t drink too much. Mimosas aren’t included anymore, but they are very resonably priced. I had to drive, so had to be good. Then went to a Chrstmas concert out at Smokerise Baptist church in Stone Mtn last night, Peter Mayer (lead guitarist for Buffett) does a show there each year with all original music. Its a pretty nice show. I’m still not in the Christmas spirit, but that helped a little.

  3. Because I never thought to do that. It’s not too much of a hardship, and I can eat lunch in that area as well.

    I’m trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but it is very difficult for me this year.

    Oh, and my mom now has a new water heater in her house. I have to remember to send a check to her tomorrow to cover its cost. Thankfully it wasn’t as expensive as I feared that it would be.

  4. Steve says:

    A nice ride Friday afternoon that unfortunately started with a tailwind and ended fighting the headwinds. On said ride, I went past the “new” house and the sign has come down, which I simply think means they have headed to warmer climes, not that it’s off the market. We have their number.

    Saturday was chores and football! Sadly, the bee’s could not overcome the Crima-noles, but I think they presented themselves well. Debbie attempted to drown herself and her horse by fox hunting in the pouring rain that morning.

    Sunday we were in a fence patching mood, as the dogs seem to be escaping more regularly. They were able to show us all their escape points, as we woiuld be repairing one and they would go to the next one. Thanks, kids.

    It’s tough to get in the Christmas spirit, but I keep hoping.


  5. Martha says:

    It really was a pretty fantastic weekend. I spent a lot of time out of the house and getting things done. It started with spin class (first one in about 10 years) on Saturday. It was a pretty good class and I enjoyed the feedback from the instructor. Then it was home for a shower before I headed back out to meet PE for some pub crawl planning. Since it was also the day for the EAV Tree lighting, I bumbed into Miss Betsy and lots of other folks. Then Jerry came up, we bought our christmas tree and got it up and decorated before bed.

    Yesterday was a beautiful day for a hike, Betsy and I did 5 miles at Sweetwater and I spend the rest of the day just puttering around the house.

    The rain was crazy Saturday morning…I’m so glad I was indoors (though at my gym, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference) and not out on trail.

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I must have missed the rain Saturday being at the conference.

    While driving to my eye appointment I found that *something* enjoyed the fortune cookie that has been in my car forever. The package was empty and showed signs of being gnawed open. Huh.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Continued: I should have thought about this and removed the cookie when I left the car at Peach (or at work).

  8. It’s been a relatively-expensive day. Details tomorrow…

  9. Steve says:

    Uh oh… that doesn’t sound good.

  10. It’s okay, just a handful of expenses hit me today.

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