Still Super Busy

It’s going to be like this until CES 2015 in January…

Still Semi-Carless
I’m getting the hang of taking MARTA on a daily basis again, only trusting the Jackmobile on short(ish) trips.

I didn’t need a car (thankfully) on Saturday as I traipsed around East Atlanta with the hash. Somebody managed to get shitfaced drunk even though he thought that he was being conservative with his alcohol consumption. No joke, I think I passed out in my bed around 8pm and slept on-and-off most of the night. I woke up with only a minor hangover.

On Sunday I MARTA’d to the office and worked for a few hours. If I had more time I’d go into the excruciating details of the frustrations I encountered. Suffice to say I needed beer after working on a Sunday so I hoofed it up to Tilted Kilt, positioned conveniently next to the Sandy Springs MARTA station and had a couple of beers and dinner while watching my NY Jets play their interpretation of American football.

Yesterday I drove to a different MARTA station to get to work because I knew that I was going to risk driving over to Monday Night Brewing after work for my friend Maigh’s tweetup. The crowd at Monday Night was amazingly large, the number of people attending the tweetup sadly few. It was good to see Maigh again; it was not so good to keep getting called “sir” by the young whippersnappers at the brewery. (Oh if I were young and good looking what a great place to go…) After a beer and a half I decided to check out and got even more courageous by driving over to Bone Lick BBQ for dinner. At Bone Lick I had a delicious half-rack of ribs served with incredibly mediocre sides. I was stunned that my meal, tip included, came out to $30 even when all I drank was water.

One of the “benefits” of my job is flexible scheduling, so yesterday I walked up to my (work) local post office and purchased stamps for my Christmas cards, which I mailed while there too, and sent my dissolution paperwork to Sharpened Stone to the City of Atlanta. Here’s hoping that I did everything correct and that I don’t have to deal with the City regarding Sharpened Stone ever again.

This morning I saw a Mazda CX-5 in the MARTA parking lot. It’s bigger than I imagined, but it still looked okay; it has potential to be the next vehicle in my life.

Okay, coding awaits…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Still Super Busy

  1. bob says:

    I need to check out the Monday Night brewery, I like their beers so would be nice to see the mother ship.

    I got a message from the Raleigh crew last night, trying to put together a get together/housewarming party on Friday the 2nd in the afternoon/evening. Hopefully the date will work out and the ITP clan can make it as this is your open invitation.

    More details to follow.

  2. Steve says:

    Party!! That could work out. Debbie’s friend Libby has a gathering on the 3rd in Troy, AL involving rednecks and throwing fire!! Apparently, the PBS affiliate is going to be there- who knew in Alabama that was considered educational??

    The series “Newsroom” has ended and we are very sad. If you haven’t watched it- go find it and watch. Really good TV- not sure why it ended, but I can’t imagine HBO making a ton of money at it. Their revenue isn’t tied to the series, so that’s just overhead when they produce it themselves.

    A quiet night of suffering and TV last night. The Crimma cards went in the mail yesterday, which is the first time in a couple of years we have bothered.

    And tonight, I’ll be whipping up schnitzel und spetzl, so come on down and get your Deutschland uber alles on.


  3. Barb says:

    wow – Allan isn’t working January 2nd, so we could actually attend a party togehter! I guess all my complaining about not being invited to Bob’s housewarming party has worked, they might actually have one. And – Allan isn’t working the 1st, so we can go to Cheaddarhead just as hashers! Eat & drink, and actually get around to bowling!

    Steve – I’m waiting for The Newsroom to come out on Netflix or somewhere, we really enjoy that series as well. My guess as why it is cancelled, isn’t it another Aaron Sorkin show? I think his style just doesn’t work for the “network” folks?

    Allan is finally starting to feel better, he is supposed to work today, but bailed on that, but did go to a class instead. Figured he felt good enough to sit & listen, but not good enough to deal with stupid sick people at the airport.

  4. Since MARTA trains don’t go that far north I guess I’ll have to secure reliable transportation by then. 🙂

    One thing I discovered this week is that my “Standard Man Hiking Shoe/Sneaker” are failing and giving my feet some grief. I guess I’ll have to make a REI walk soon in order to purchase some new ones.

    Steve, that sounds delicious I both wish that I could make it down to eat some, as well as be able to express this desire in German. Vocabulary training in preparation for German A1.3 starts today.

  5. Barb says:

    what kind of schnitzel? I am more of a Kasseler Rippchen fan when I go to a German

  6. Steve says:

    NPR had a “found recipe” story last week that made it sound simple, so I’m going for it. Maybe if it turns out, I’ll post a picture on a socail media you no longer participate in!

    Barb, I’m glad Allan is feeling better. My sinuses have been acting up a little, but as long as I can sleep, I’m doing OK.

  7. Steve says:

    The recipe just said to use a half inch slice of pork loin, hammer it to a quarter inch, batter with panko bread crumbs and pan fry it in butter and olive oil.

  8. Jenka says:

    Yep, I’ve made schnitzel many times and that’s basically it. Super easy and really tasty. I especially like to pound meat.

  9. Steve says:

    Not touching that… 🙂

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