Such Good Intentions

After work last night I drove the yet-unnamed car to the lavanderia to do some much-needed laundry. The lavanderia was busy, but not so busy that I couldn’t get all of my laundry done in one shot.

In an effort to eat out fewer times this year (in an effort to finally lose some weight) I had eaten dinner at work before doing laundry. Therefore once laundry was completed I drove straight home to be super productive.


I arrived home and unloaded the car of all its holdings.

I dutifully put away almost all of my clothes; I’m really bad at putting away the socks when I’ve failed to pair them at the lavanderia, so as of now they still sit in my laundry bag.

I then made the critical mistake of lying down to watch a photography podcast, with the intent of following that up by watching an old Top Chef podcast (I’ve still have yet to finish watching “Top Chef New Orleans” which was last season). I never made it through either. When I awoke again it was past 11pm, and then I fell back asleep until some time past midnight, and then there was no hope of getting anything done so I went back to sleep again.

News from the ENT was mostly good. He still despises my left nostril which contains a deviated septum, and I don’t care enough to have him perform surgery. I may sleep like shit but I don’t have apnea, so I can live with this. I’m glad that he didn’t feel it was necessary for me to return, because his office building is now charging for parking. While it only cost me $3 to park I hate the premise of having to pay for parking because no free option is available, especially when I am paying a premium to see a professional.

As this week wears on I expect to get my life back into a normal pace. The month-long holiday/”carless” stint really messed with my norm. It will be nice to stop worrying about being disorganized and start worrying about things like plumbing again. 😉

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to Such Good Intentions

  1. Steve says:

    NOW you’re worrying about plumbing?

    My birthday celebration was a nice day. Many greetings from 4 continents, and delicious sushi for dinner. For a “hole in the wall” next to a Publix, our sushi joint is da bomb.

    The diet starts today. There will be a walk at lunch, followed by a half sandwich, and a sensible dinner. The scale said 204 this morning, which is a record. Ugh.


  2. Nah, I’m not worrying about the plumbing.

    My apologies for missing birthday greetings yesterday. I saw it in my calendar too late. I will ignore ITP-Reader Bob’s next week as well to make things fair. 🙂

    My scale read 222 yesterday — not a record for me, but not anywhere near where I desire to be.

  3. Barb says:

    Work is too hard this week – I’m covering for a co-worker on vacation, and the Costco account just makes no sense, they are so demanding, and make everything much harder than it needs to be. I’m glad I’m not a Costco member, because after this experience with their DCs & Traffic dept, I’ll never shop there. This job I have really messes with where I can shop, I won’t buy North Face, I’m on the verge of never buying Under Armour, Kettle Foods brand chips have been off the list for a while.

    Did anyone watch the 10 episode TV show Gracepoint? Allan & I binge watched it, it was pretty interesting, it took me until the last episode to figure out who done it. David Tennant was the lead, with an American accent. I guess there was a similar british version of this, I wonder how similar.

  4. Martha says:

    Happy belated Birthday Steve, sounds like it was a great one!

    Broadchurch was the original BBC series, I think the first episode of Season 2 will air on BBC America in March. The BBC version was almost a Doctor Who reunion, there must have been half a dozed actors that appeared in both.

    I’m hesitant to watch the american version, they are almost never as good.

    Sorry to hear about you and your relationship with Costco, we got a membership and I really like the place, plus, from everything I hear, they treat their employees very well.

    My four weeks of Carb Cycling started yesterday, it wasn’t too bad. I swear I’ve been carrying this extra weight around long enough, it’s time to say good bye!

  5. Barb says:

    Martha – I’m sure once the products get into the Costco DCs its fine, its just getting it from suppliers to the DC that just is crazy. Its actually hard to believe they treat their employess well, they don’t treat the truckers & people like me very well. They like emails to set all appts – so I have to sort thru 100s of emails a day to try to figure out if they actually set the delivery appts, etc. I just can’t believe they don’t have a online TMS system. Sorry- just venting here.

    I might look up Broadchurch at some point. It was interesting, and I liked that the mystery was solved at the end of the season.

    What is Carb Cycling?

  6. Martha says:

    Basically, it is alternating your diet, between low carb and high carb days. It gives you the benefits of a low carb diet, but is more sustainable (at least for me) and allows you the energy to continue to work out.

    So for me M-W-F are low carb days (less than 50gm), T-Th-Sat are ‘high’ carb days (150-200gm) and Sunday is my free day (when I can kind of eat what I want. I lost about 5 pounds the last time I did it but I didn’t stick with it very long because I started it right before the holidays. I’m going for a whole four weeks to see if I can’t jump start my weight loss.

  7. Jenka says:

    Martha, are you using an app to track your nutrition? If so, which one? I was amused at the Sage Hill Kroger yesterday evening, the entire lettuce/spinach section was BARE. I’m sure it’ll be back to normal next week.

  8. Martha says:

    Nope, no app, not really tracking anything…that’s the beauty of the low/high carb stuff. On my low carb day I get a carb with breakfast (I have a banana in my protein smoothie) and that’s it. “High” carb days, I eat a serving of good/complex carbs with each meal. Easy peasy. The one thing I was looking for in an app was just something to tell me the nutrition information of foods, just a list. I don’t want to keep a food diary or track anything. It just became too much work (especially if you cook alot and don’t eat prepackage stuff).

    Same thing at Ghetto Kroger, not a leaf of spinach to be found.

  9. Jenka says:

    Nice. That seems like a totally doable plan. I used to use Calorie Count which had a recipe analyzer for people who cooked their own foods. It was fairly accurate, but you had to measure ingredients (which is not my strong suit; “that looks like a tablespoon!”).

  10. Randy says:

    Good decision in opting out of the surgery. My schnozz went under the knife one time and I ended up being whisked across the street to the hospital for a second surgery and an extended stay… not fun.

  11. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Your experience factored into my thinking, believe me.

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