Midday Banter

Well hello there.

I am currently sitting at the gate from which my flight is supposed to leave, but you know Hartsfield, this will probably change at least once in the next hour.

This morning I attended my first Creative Mornings presentation. If I were twenty years younger and much better looking I would have fit right in.

Most of the time I refuse to acknowledge my advanced age, last night was an exception but today was night.

Last night I decided to relax and stay at home rather than go to The EARL for the Parquet Courts show; given my schedule today this was completely the correct decision.

This morning’s presentation was given by Eryn Eddy, East Atlanta resident and founder of the clothing line So Worth Loving.

Pardon my lack of links today, I am pecking this post out from an iPad.

Eddy’s presentation was good, but surprisingly short — 35 minutes. This worked to my advantage as I was able to drive the M6 to work, park there, and then MARTA to the airport.

On my drive up to the office I was bummed to see that it appears that The Gear Revival, one of my favorite stores in Atlanta, had closed. I was also astonished to see the Figo Pasta on the west side is completely gone, as in the building has been razed.

While here I have already eaten lunch at Gordon-Biersch. Hey, it’s kind of like studying German… Originally I wasn’t going to have a beer for lunch but considering I am not flying the plane I decided I would. Unfortunately I didn’t much care for the Märzin I ordered, but as we say in the Hash “You pats your money you takes your chances”.

A funny happenstance occurred last night. while waiting to get my hair cut I ran into one of my old friends Steve, son of my photographer friend Joe, and his brother Chip who were there for their monthly haircut/dinner man-date.

Have a great weekend friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Barb says:

    Allan is at work, but unless you on the D concourse & super ill, he won’t be seeing you. He is mainly at F for calls (and E).

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