It Feels Like Just Yesterday

That there was a Federal Holiday not observed my company. Good Monday to you that didn’t have to travel Atlanta’s salt-laden roads this morning. As for me I am trying to think when will be the next time I give the M6 a wash to remove the salt spilled everywhere last night to ensure that Atlanta doesn’t have a repeat of 2014’s Ice Fiasco.

It Feels Like Just Yesterday
That I was in the office, because I was. After finding out that the exotic car folk are real wimps, they called off their gathering at Lenox Mall yesterday, I drove up to Costco.

At Costco I was puzzled and amused when I watched a couple add wine to their shopping cart at 11am. I was wondering how long they planned to shop since you cannot buy alcohol in Georgia before 12:30 on Sunday; while shitty, it’s still much better than not being able to buy it at all! As I walked past the woman who was still holding two bottles I heard her exclaim aloud, “Damn, it’s Sunday and it’s not 12:30. Honey, we can’t buy this now, it’s Sunday and it’s not 12:30.”. I chuckled silently.

Before going into the office I met with a fellow coworker for lunch at Las Tortas Locas (apparently they do not have a website) on Roswell Road, where I noshed on a delicious burrito al Pastor with some chips and salsa.

At the office I had a fairly productive “day”, about five hours, because during that time there were no interrupts so I could think about my code and write it. It was blissful. If I can have two more days like that between now and March 2nd my code will be ready for the demo I have to give to management.

Happy February 14th
I saw more wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day on Twitter than I saw Merry Christmases at the end of last year. For me Valentine’s Day is a celebratory as Christmas is to a Jew. Nonetheless I had a smashing time with ITP-Reader Barb on Saturday night.

The two of us met up and walked to the Yacht Club where we luckily scored a table on the non-smoking side. A plateful of brisket and one beer later we wandered back down Euclid to see “Waffle Palace” at Horizon Theatre.

The play was as enjoyable as I remembered from three years ago, but seemed much longer. Taking into account a late start (an annoying habit of Atlanta’s theaters) and a longer-than-advertised intermission (sensible because it was a sold out show and the old elementary schools bathroom facilities do not facilitate too many patrons at one time), it ran over two and a half hours. Considering we arrived thirty minutes before the start of the play in order to get decent seats, we were at Horizon for three hours and left around 11:00pm.

If you’ve never seen “Waffle Palace” I encourage you to go prior to the show’s end on March 8th. Just be prepared to sit for awhile.

Guess I’m Riding The BRAG Spring Tune Up Ride
On Saturday night I talked to Barb about their plans for the BRAG Spring Tune Up Ride and mentioned I was going to sign up for it before the price increase. Thankfully Barb sent me a text message yesterday reminding me to sign up, and I did.

Now I just need to start riding again because it feels like it’s been too many yesterdays since I’ve been on a bicycle.

Going To Brave The Rain And Salt For Lavanderia Night
With all of the salt on the roads and the rain coming in later by the time I get home from doing laundry I’m probably going to feel as if I’ve been drinking margaritas. Ooh, lavanderia and margaritas, now there’s an idea!

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3 Responses to It Feels Like Just Yesterday

  1. Steve says:

    Quite an enjoyable weekend filled with packing and dancing and celebrating and more packing.

    Friday we received the packrat box and loaded quite a bit of stuff into it. Saturday was the Bear Creek hunt ball and we were dressed to the nines and had a wonderful evening. Sunday was more packing and loading out more stuff to Debbie’s sister and brother-in-law.

    The big news of the weekend was our contract on the Luthersville property was accepted. Closing date scheduled for March 9 with immediate occupancy so we have a week to exit here and load into there. Woot! The neighbor has pasture that we can use until we either buy it or make our own. I think buying is more likely, but we’ll see.


  2. Barb says:

    Steve & Debbie-Congrats on getting a house found!

    The play was really fun, I’m glad I got out & about. Plus, the people watching at the play was extra fun, way too many selfies being taken, and many of those on the set of the Waffle Palace background. They gave out paper hats to those patrons that I’m guessing paid extra for the front row seats.

    Saturday was a super busy day, then I did basically nothing Sunday. Went for a hike with a friend & her dog at the East Palisades Chattahoochee park in the morning. Never even knew it existed, it was inside the perimeter off Northside down a very rich person street. I’m sure they love that most people have no idea its there.

    Went to the Atlanta Hash in the afternoon, it was in the neighborhood. But, didn’t actually do the trail, did a non-shiggy shortcut with Head Nurse, stopped by my house to get my car, so I wouldn’t be later for dinner & the play. Good thing I did, they took FOREVER to get around to down downs. I even had to call myself out for my too long, so I could leave.

  3. Stacy says:

    Ha! Had the same “12:30” issue on Sunday! I went to visit a friend in Macon this weekend and we got up to hit the Kroger to make some shrimp and grits (gouda grits!) for brunch and realized that daaaaang it was only 11am so no champagne would be purchased. I ended up running her back out to the store for some before I left (what with her car being incapacitated at the moment and the fact that she just cooked me some amazing gouda cheese grits with shrimp and most righteously deserved it)…which was a pain in the butt, but like you said: better than not at all.

    Also bought my first ever growler — woo hoo! The Growler Spot was not but a couple miles from her house and God Bless her, she loves beer as much as I do. I was excited to see Orpheus Sykophantes was on draft, even more excited that it had just kicked (which means folks are loving it). Ended up with 64 oz. of Boulder Chocolate Shake Porter — delicious! — and, yeah, no worries about any of that being leftover. 🙂

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