Haunted By The Jackmobile

Even nearly four months after getting rid of the Jackmobile it haunts me.

Yesterday in front of the ITP estate sat a red, early 2000s-era Honda Accord. It was not identical to the Jackmobile but certainly close enough in appearance (without the bumps and bruises) that I was instantly thinking of my old car.

Then in the mail came a second bill from the State of Georgia trying to penalize me for not renewing the insurance on the Jackmobile in January because, you know, I no longer own the fucking car! On March 12th I mailed their original demand back to them along with proof of transfer of ownership. Guess who gets to deal with another government agency because of their inability to do their job?

And then there was a message on my answering machine from Curry Honda encouraging me to bring the car into their shop to get the airbag recall work done on the car.

Can’t anyone else recognize that I’ve moved on???

Tornado Watch And Power Outage? Oh My!
Around 2:00pm yesterday my phone started making a racket. Apparently weather conditions ripe for tornado-making existed in the area and I was being encouraged to find safety. My cubicle is next to a west-facing window on the sixth floor, ain’t no safety here.

Not long after the threat of tornado passed a heavy rain fell. Within minutes a loud boom was heard and the power in our office building went away. After sitting in a darkened cubicle for fifteen minutes attempting to watch last Friday’s The Amazing Race on my iPad but being constantly interrupted, I left. My decision to leave was hastened when I realized how many others would be trying to get out of the Perimeter Mall area while traffic lights were without power and intersections were without police to manage the road rage that was to ensue. Fortunately for me I was able get through the only three intersections lacking power without incident. Once I made it to Peachtree-Dunwoody all was back to normal and I continued my journey homeward.

Today will be a horrible day of meetings interrupting the much-needed coding time that I require. I also need to start mentally preparing myself for tonight’s German class, including writing a short paragraph about what I did last week (“Was habe ich lezte Woche gemacht?”). FWIW it’s really hard to type in German when the spellchecker keeps changing your correctly-spelled German words into different English ones.

TAR: Huh


It’s Tuesday, if you haven’t watched last Friday’s “The Amazing Race” then shame on you (or bully for you if you’ve been too busy with better things).

You had to know that the first leg of a “two-hour” episode would be non-elimination. But who’da thunk that it’d be the olympians getting non-eliminated? And then they had a horrible time during the next leg? I was certain that this team would be a shoe-in for top three, if not the ones to win it all. Tangentially I’ll miss seeing Aly.

Was I the only one who was hoping that Nurse Blonde would just up and quit “The Amazing Race” to live a life with the African bush pilot that she was so bloody gaga over? No, I have a feeling that her partner Doctor Nerd was also hoping that she’d quit, even if it meant he’d lose the opportunity to win $500k (before taxes).

And more German language skills needed? Mein Gott! If not for the ridiculous height-related detours and requirement to drive a stick shift this season was made for me to have been a contestant. 😉

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Haunted By The Jackmobile

  1. Stacy says:

    I seriously have no idea how the truckers are still in the game. I mean, they obviously must be doing something right, but no way would I have bet they’d make it further than the Olympians.

    I’m a little confused about the insurance renewal thing Georgia keeps trying to hit you with. Because, technically, aren’t we allowed to own cars without insuring them? Sure, we wouldn’t be able to drive them, but you can own them and store them in your garage (or on front lawn on blocks heh heh) if you want, right? So even if you did still have the Jackmobile, that shouldn’t matter, should it?

  2. Steve says:

    It was a busy day with weird problems yesterday- kinda fun, though.

    I made the mistake of having lunch at 5 Guys. Not that the cheeseburger wasn’t properly cook and of high quality, but $12 for lunch? For a cheeseburger? Umm, no.

    Got home and realized the weather had missed East Point, so after a few chores at home, I boogied to EP where I cut the grass. It still looks like crap, as I needed to use the catcher, but it’s a start.

    The news is not good for the Farley. His back leg continues to weaken- his effort to get up and down the steps is growing, and he is up multiple times a night to go out because of his medications. He is listless, except for food and taking care of his business. This does not bode well, and we are torn up about it.

    Paulie, consider yourself lucky- a coworker S-I-L had his new Subaru hammered (pun intended) by the hail yesterday- they counted 225 dents.


  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I do consider myself fortunate. The M6 was parked in a garage and I would not have driven home knowing hail was dropping. A coworker of my bought a new Mazda M6 yesterday and I ribbed him about it getting dinged on its first day.

    Best of luck with Farley, whatever happens.

  4. Oh, and not surprisingly similar solar panel chargers were about 50% the price on Amazon as they were at REI. I ordered one this morning, we’ll see how it works.

    Called the DMV and their advice is to “ignore the second notice”. Oh joy, I sense another call in the near future…

  5. Barb says:

    I’m with Stacy about the car insurance – I’m totally confused.

    Steve – its hard to find a good burger for under $10 anymore it seems – and I hope you didn’t order the large fries. But – I didn’t think Five Guys what’s that pricy, did you order extra toppings?

    So bummed about Farley – hope he gets better.

    JoAnna & I planned an after work hike, then with all the crazy weather, we cancelled it, then it got really nice, so we went out after all. It was a gorgeous evening, the trails at Kennesaw were a little muddy, but not so bad we felt we were totally hashing.

    All the wet camping things are clean & dry & finally put away.
    Cement guy is all paid, so I’m poor for a few weeks (or really, longer), he doesn’t take credit cards.

  6. Stacy says:

    I’m so sorry about Farley, Steve. Thinking of you guys. 🙁

  7. Stacy says:

    $12 for Five Guys? Yeah, I never understood the hype of Five Guys. Had them once because everyone raved about them…and don’t get me wrong, they were yummy. But then I look at, say, The Vortex, whose burgers all range from $10-12 as well and the choice is obvious. (Especially from right there on Peachtree where you can see the locations from each other!)

    Any chance you’ve tried Bezoria yet, Steve? I’m waiting on a review for that place. 🙂 (the new one at P’tree & 8th where Lime used to be)

  8. Steve says:

    Not yet… I just noticed it yesterday. I’ll have to investigate. I’m surprised Lime lasted as long as it did- they thought a lot of their food.

  9. Jenka says:

    Do not ignore the car insurance thing. When I moved to GA from NY in 2005, I didn’t bother to renew my NY insurance because I was getting GA insurance. Long story short, because I didn’t inform NY (or something) that I was moving they suspended my license for 3 months. I know it’s a different state, but still.

    I don’t understand the 5 Guys hype, either. It’s basically fast food. I wouldn’t pay $12 for a McDonald’s burger, and it’s pretty much the same thing.

    Really sorry about Farley, Steve. Hope he gets better.

  10. Steve says:

    Spot on, Jenka. With table service, not a problem (think Red Robin) but it’s glorified fast food.

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