Busy Again

See some of you around the sod pile tomorrow.

Okay, just gave up on Apple support, they’ve made it nearly impossible for me to update the credit card associated with my iCloud account, so I have five minutes to spare.

Have Bike Will Ride
Bike is in the M6 for a ride this afternoon. Don’t know where I will go yet, but promising that I will get another ride in before I go out of town again this weekend. The goal from here to July is to ride no fewer than two times a week.

And I just figured out how to update my credit card without having to call Apple back! My biggest gripe with my Apple account is that I have two, the first of which I created before an email address was required as your account name, and one created afterward when iCloud demanded an email address. I think Apple has a way that I can merge these accounts but I’ve never had enough faith in the process to inquire.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Busy Again

  1. Steve says:

    A beautiful morning to sit and drink coffee on the deck. Debbieisourridingand I haven’t decided what I’ll do.

    Managed 22 miles or so on the CX bike last night. About half on gravel roads.

    We’re about out of data(a. New month starts Saturday) so there won’t be much surfing from home.

    Barb, what’s the plan for sod?


  2. “Debbieisourridingand” is either “Debbie is out riding” or some German word that I have yet to learn. 🙂

  3. Barb says:

    Allan will go get 1 pallet of sod by 1pm hopefully, get enough of it laid & get the rest out of the truck to go back & get the 2nd pallet (they close at 4:30pm). So, whatever time you want to arrive is fine. I work until 5pm. the dirt has been prepped, it just needs to get covered with sod.

    Since it is Siete de Mayo we will be having a crockpot mexican chicken dinner. I’ll have all the sides to go with it, including cheese dip & guac. And some margaritas, if you want, or of course we have plenty of beer.

    So glad you guys are willing to help, I’m already sore from all the racking & ground prep.

    And maybe, if you want, I’ll take you over to TJ & Mary’s construction house.

  4. Speaking of German words I just learned:

    Health Insurance = die Krankenversicherung

  5. steve says:

    sorry, trying to type in the sunshine on the iPad.I expect to make it there by 5 to 515 if not earlier.

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    No need to be sorry, happens to me constantly. I was just having fun with it.

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