Let’s Try This Again

This is the third time I’ve used this title? Yeesh!

My bike is in the car again this Wednesday, hopefully today I’ll actually get some riding in.

Local Man Has A Boring Night
Tuesdays are so routine these days — get up, go to work, fret about getting out of work early enough not to get stuck in Atlanta’s shitty traffic, make it to German class, and then go home.

Last night’s temperature in the house when I arrived home at 9:30pm was 80°F. After opening a window and a door, putting box fans in each, and changing into shorts I was able to survive without caving into turning on the air conditioning.

Introducing “After 10 Coding”
I’m starting another initiative that will consume more of what little free time I have. At least twice a week I will be watching one of the Winter 2015 Stanford iOS Programming courses. On the days that I am not watching a course I will be coding the assignments for it. While none of the assignments will be things that can be put into the iOS AppStore, they will get me learning the programming language “Swift” finally. Have to keep those skills sharp, you know, because you never know what will happen…

Why “After 10 Coding”? Because I doubt that I will be able to find the time before 10:00pm to do this work. Perhaps I should be global and call this “After 2200 Coding”?

I Need To Process Some Photos
Last Saturday I took my camera (the Nikon V1) around with me at LEAF. While I didn’t do nearly enough shooting, especially capturing environmental portraits, I did take a few shots that may prove to be blog worthy.

How Much Is Enough?
That’s today’s question of the day.

Paulie [eat/ga]

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11 Responses to Let’s Try This Again

  1. Stacy says:

    Is not turning the air conditioning on a money-saving thing? Have you ever thought about getting a portable air conditioner? You can get decent ones for a few hundred bucks and then you can just roll it to the room you need it in, like your bedroom when you sleep at night, or kitchen when you’re trying to cook or whatever. Probably a lot cheaper than having to fire up an antiquated central system.

    I actually have a new air conditioner coming to my bedroom today – should be there when I get home. 🙂 I have a picture of my old one… it had to be at least 20 years old. It was PURPLE! Alas, if I could post the picture of this thing here, I would. Gonna miss that purple thing, but it was time to complain to the landfolks and get a new one.

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve heard of Purple Rain, but never air conditioning. Stacy makes a good point- it would be easier/cheaper to wheel a little unit around rather than cooling the whole house.

    Pre-Games meeting at the Iron Horse in Norcross, then the actual meeting at the hotel. All seems in order. And a 72 mile drive home- ugh.

    So how much is enough? All depends..


  3. Not turning on the A/C is a combination of being cheap, and forcing myself to deal with the hands I am dealt. (It’s not really the sentiment I want to convey but that’s the best I can come up with at the moment.)

    I actually don’t like cold so I’m okay with my inefficient cooling when I turn it on. I should get my ass in gear and get the basement back into a state in which I can inhabit it.

  4. Stacy says:

    Are you in Norcross today, Steve? Egads, and I think MY drive up here each day stinks. 72 miles?!

  5. A commute to Norcross will never be in my future (this is what’s called “foreshadowing”).

    My commute sucked this morning because I left later-than-normal this morning and was held up by the nasty accident that occurred on the northbound connector around 17th Street.

  6. Steve says:

    No, the Games host hotel is where we have our monthly meetings. I drive in to work, drive up that way after, find a spot to take a nap, and go to the meeting.

    In watching the Giro (and some of AT0C from yesterday) the guys are having problems keeping it on the road downhill. The one guy just shot up a driveway at the apex of the curve… lucky for him there was a driveway!

  7. Barb says:

    Spent the morning at the periodontist – what fun, but my teeth are clean.

    Not a bad idea, getting one of those portable AC units.

    My big accomplishment last night was to find a dress for the wedding we are attending in Cancun. Today & tomorrow’s project, find some sandals that are comfortable for walking on sand & will look good with the dress.
    Also got a 4 mile or so walk in last night.

    Other big project for the day, go to a lawn mower repair shop & hope they have some new rear wheels for our mower. Of course ours is not the “standard” mower, so the official wheels are $42 each, but this place I found says they have some after market ones that will work for $14 each. We will see……..

    Haven’t watched any of the ATOC, haven’t had the time. But, it is recording everyday.

  8. Steve says:

    Yesterdays stage was outstanding! A young kid went out and won out of the break by about 45 seconds. 22 year old, now in yellow.

  9. Just tacked on another night in hash hotel in Portland. For some stupid reason I made my initial reservation where I checked out on Sunday, not Monday.

    Next up: Flights!

    I have to admit, while I don’t know who the commentators are for the Giro they are making me laugh aloud occasionally.

  10. Barb says:

    do you have Thursday thru Monday then? I had to tack on Thrusday night.

  11. No, check in on Friday and check out on Monday.

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