I Wish I Could Work My Way Out Of This Bad Mood

Usually when I am feeling badly because of things such as my health, inability to attract women, or whatever, I sink myself into my work and work my way out of it. I don’t know what I should do when it’s work that’s causing my bad mood. Let’s just say that things are a little less than ideal right now and there is little light at the end of the tunnel.

I Missed My Turn, And Then I Failed Myself
After a stop at my primary care physician’s office, which led to a recommendation that I see a dermatologist, I headed home to unpack the M6. I wasn’t home long, especially with the house being warm, before deciding to go out for dinner.

Dinner for me has become a chore. My lack of partnership has led me to rarely investigate new restaurants or take the mandatory steps to eat at the popular ones to which I’ve been before. My indecision, no, ambivalence, convinced me to drive toward Decatur; I was going to eat at Twain’s.

That was the plan until I realized that I had brain-farted and missed all of my Decatur turns along Howard/College, probably because I was thinking with the “Stone Mountain bike ride” portion of my brain. My missed turns caused me to turn at Sam’s Crossing, which then introduced the notion of eating at that unattractive, yet quite pleasing Chinese buffet in the Kroger Shopping Center at Dekalb Industrial and North Decatur.

Admittedly I ate too much, resting on the laurels of my morning bike ride, but I managed to keep the calorie intake almost in check.

Everything But The Tools
My path toward dinner would have been much different had I recalled that I needed to go to Target and Lowe’s (or Ace Hardware). I need many things from Target, most of which I’ll pick up during a swift Target run this morning. I (might) have to go to the hardware store to pickup a set of Allen wrenches (because I couldn’t find the set in my house) in order to construct my new bike rack. I discovered that, though the instructions mention the hex and Allen wrenches required for putting the bike rack together are supposed to be included in the box, that mine were not. Dangen!

Near-Future Basement Dweller
After arriving home from dinner, sometime near 8pm, I turned on the A/C; it’s anemic and in need of repair. However, before I can call out someone to replace the line between the condenser and the blower (my analysis since this was the one component not replaced when I purchased a new A/C system three, perhaps four, years ago) and recharge the “freon”, I need to do a little demolition.

When I had a pinhole leak in one of my water pipes a couple of years ago I was forced to rip out the mildewing ceiling of the makeshift closet put into the then-basement by the previous owners. It’s high-time that I now rip out the drywall that separates this closet from the HVAC. By doing this I should make the job of replacing the coolant line between the compressor and the blower much easier. I probably should have done this in March instead of waiting for a spell of 95+° F weather.

While waiting for the heatwave to break I will spend a lot more time in the basement again as it’s routinely 10° F cooler down there in the Summer. If nothing else this will force me to clean and organize the space in order to get it back into a livable one. Fun. Fun. Fun!

Okay, time to see if I can start turning my frown upside down.

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5 Responses to I Wish I Could Work My Way Out Of This Bad Mood

  1. Steve says:

    I hope you get your mojo back from your work. If you wallow in your unhappiness, you’re likely to just spiral down. Not good.

    After being in the office for my normal morning, I’m off to Jacksonville for the weekend- the real job! As I’m driving a fleet vehicle, I managed to slip my bike in the trunk and have packed running shoes as well. Only supposed to be 100 degees all weekend, so I have that to look forward to.

    And Chinese Buffet’s should be off your list all together.


  2. Barb says:

    I understand the trying to figure out dinner alone – when Allan is at work & I don’t make plans, I eat crap. Last night it was just some broccoli cheese soup, but usually I eat much worse.

    I should ask Allan if he has extra allen wrenche. Any chance you have a multi-tool that has what you need? I know mine has many different sizes. We have your pedals, we just need to get them installed -so you can get used to them. Not that it will be that much different, but you do need to break in the other shoes.

    Sunday – we are considering Wheelhopper – but, if I get my way, we will do a road ride & then go to the ending (Slippery & Spermier’s pool). I’d like to go out to Arabia Mtn, won’t be enough miles, but the hills will make up for it. Maybe we can do the entire trail, I think its about 40. Plus, then their house is sorta kinda on the way home.

  3. I *know* Chinese buffets should not be an option, but sometimes can’t help but slip down that slippery slope when I am immediately hungry and the thought of the variety of food appeals to me.

    As I was purchasing a multi-tool at Target I realized that I already owned a larger version of what I was purchasing. I went ahead and bought the smaller one as it’ll fit into a seat pack much better than the one I currently own.

    Sadly I also tried to buy shorts at Target but was too fat for the larger size I brought into the changing room as a fallback; mood worsened. Further, I forgot to bring the prescription — one of the main reasons I was going to Target — as well. Ugh.

    I do have a funny story from this Target trip though. I’ll save it for tomorrow’s blog.

  4. Also forgot to mention that since there will be no Team Trivia tonight, tonight is laundry night followed by going to The Baseball Project concert at The EARL. I was hoping to buy new shorts to wear to the concert.

  5. John G. (HamWithCam) says:

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