Not Exactly As Intended

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…

It’s AthFest? D’Oh!
I arrived in Athens on Friday night only to find out that it was AthFest weekend. AthFest is a weekend-long party for which some of the downtown streets are shut down, music stages are erected, and artists set up booths to sell their wares. Oh, it also makes parking a pain.

My plan for Friday night was to go to the 40 Watt Club for The Whiskey Gentry / Cracker show, which for this incarnation was flipped to be the Cracker / The Whiskey Gentry show.

I clearly have not been seeing enough shows lately because I forgotten how late Friday night shows start. The show was schedule to start at 10:00pm, and there were three bands on the bill. Cracker took the stage some time after 11:00pm and put on a really good show. I’m not sure what time The Whiskey Gentry took the stage because after doing a two-hour bike ride at 6:30am that morning I was in no condition to stay out until 1:00am or so. With much chagrin I exited the 40 Watt Club before The Whiskey Gentry took the stage.

One Night In Athens
I woke up Saturday morning and drove out to where the fifty-mile ride I was planning to ride started. I’d downloaded a map a cue sheet and was looking forward, with some nervousness, to doing a long ride in a place I’ve never ridden before. But as I arrived at the starting point I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving my car for four hours in an unfamiliar high school parking lot with no other cars around. After some deliberation I decided to follow my instincts and delay my ride for a day.

With a newly-found time block I returned to the hotel room and relaxed for awhile, doing some reading, before finally rallying to go to downtown for lunch. I wandered downtown for about an hour, learning why the city is not called “Flathens”, before stopping into a restaurant for a few beers and lunch.

After lunch I wandered over to Creature Comforts Brewing for an enjoyable few hours of beer tasting, music listening, and watching the afternoon thundershowers pass by while I was safely inside. Creature Comforts has an amazing space and I highly recommend that you go there if your schedule permits on your next trip to Athens.

At 4pm the tasting time was coming to an end so I returned to my hotel room where I proceeded to take a 2.5-hour nap, only to be awakened a few times by torrential rain storms that were passing through Athens.

Waking again around 7:30pm I started thinking about what I was going to do that night. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t craving more beer, and I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with AthFest again. I sat in my hotel room’s bed wondering why I’d stay there another night. I couldn’t think of any good reason, in fact I thought of a couple of better reasons to drive home, so that’s what I did.

I checked out of my room and drove home, arriving back in East Atlanta a little after 10:30pm.

Sleeping in my own bed allowed me to start my Big Sunday early in the morning.

Another Ride, Another Flat
Yesterday was an incredible day to go out for a ride, the temperature was pleasurable and the humidity low. On my non-existent training schedule this was to be another fifty-mile ride, the one I bailed on the day before.

After a few false starts, like turing around a block into the ride to return home to put on sunscreen, I was off! Maybe it was the weather but I was having a good day turning the pedals.

About a quarter of the way through the ride I felt my right shin feeling weak, as if I’d given myself shin splints walking the day before; this is not a usual feeling for my legs so it concerned me a little. I considered cutting parts of my ride out to shorten it to guard against injury, but I was having too good of a day and decided to press on.

At the point where I could either take it on home and finish the day riding around forty-two miles, or make a right turn and extend it to my targeted fifty miles, I chose the latter. I should recognize the pattern that it’s when I through caution to the wind that interruptions arise.

My ride’s extension took me up Clifton Road, where I hit my first pothole of the ride as I cruised around the golf course. Thankfully, the bike was unscathed.

Potholes 0, Paulie 1

After this short scare I gained some more confidence in my bicycle as I cranked the pedals harder. My shin continued to nag me I shrugged it off because at this time I was committed to riding fifty.

In the forty-fifth mile I was riding down Austin Avenue just before it turns into Lake and WHAM I hit another pothole. The part of the street was in deep shade and I was wearing sunglasses so I never saw it. (I’ve driven past it twice already and still didn’t see it that well.) I thought that the cycling gods were on my side because I hit this pothole at a slowish speed and thought I’d once again gotten away unscathed.

A block later the rear tire let out a PFFFFFT. The rear wheel’s defense tried its best, but this pothole got the better of it.

Potholes 1, Paulie 1

I’ve gotten quite good at replacing the tube in the rear tire.

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful, save the tiring of my right shin. I wonder how this is going to affect today’s ride. In fact, I have put off today’s ride until after work so that I I’ve my body a little more time to recover from yesterday’s ride.

I Think That I Won Sunday
Fifty miles on the bike was followed by a short nap, and then followed by mowing of the ITP Estate’s lawn. Feeling heady for getting chores done I then proceeded to wash the M6 after finishing up the mowing. Who am I?

I finished my day by stopping by Performance Bicycles, which was a madhouse since it was the last day of their big sale, to pick up a couple of things. I bought two pair of cheap sunglasses (to replace the expensive sunglasses that have lost their nose pads) and new gloves. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any socks.

I then met up with my boss for some beers and dinner at The Olde Blind Dog in Brookhaven. Two beers and a reuben sandwich were my only real meal of the day yesterday — and I earned it!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Not Exactly As Intended

  1. Steve says:

    Let’s see.. Saturday was spent doing a few chores, then heading to the Jenka and Kevin open house. You can barely go wrong in that part of town and the house is super cute. A big crowd was gathered while we were there and pitched in trying to drain one of the kegs. Caught up with Martha and Jerry and Jerrys new husband!! (slight inside joke).

    We departed Chez Jenka to meet Debbie’s friend Meg at Palookaville in AE. While everyone has mentioned the adult milkshakes, which Debbie enjoyed, no one mentioned they serve POUTINE!! Quite tasty. I was a little disappointed in the chili dog- just nothing special.

    I really wanted to ride yesterday, but a bout of vertigo had me on my back most of the day. I’m in the orafice today, but did manage to walk down to the CVS for some recommended motion sickness meds.

    Maybe the meds will kick this crap to the curb and I can get a ride in this evening. When do y’all leave for Iowa?


  2. Barb says:

    We had a big day Saturday – rode 44 around West Cobb. People in cars were fairly nice, so that was nice. I was hot & tired & hungry as we got back into the Marietta town area, so we stopped at Red Eyed Mule for burgers. Started raining as we were eating, but it stopped, so we ventured the last 7 or so miles home.

    Got cleaned up & had some poeple come by for their virgin outing to Tasty China.

    Sunday was a wasted day. Allan hadn’t had any down time in a long time, so we decided to take the day off from life & just watch TV & movies all day. I felt guilty as it was such a nice day, but that didn’t convince us to get off our asses & do something.

    We will leave Thursday morning 7/16 pretty dang early (as it is a 13-14 hour drive)

  3. I’ve only had a Pallookaville corndog prior to them opening up the shop. I’ve ridden past it plenty of times now and have always wanted to eat there.

    Three things about Iowa:

    1. I still owe my portion of the money due for the camper.

    2. Let me know what time “pretty dang early” is when you figure it out; fortunately I’m a morning person.

    3. Sounds like I’m going to get heat for leaving for vacation at a “critical time” in our product development. Oh well, it’s my vacation and I only will turn fifty once in my lifetime…

    I will be buying my two (17 gallon?) storage containers from Target this week. Incredibly I think that I will be prepared for this trip.

  4. Barb says:

    I’d say 6am or 7am – that is TBD……..
    We haven’t given Tom any money yet either – I told him we will just give him cash, to spend on gas, beer, ice, possibly showers, etc. We are planning on the $325 each we would have spent on Team Wimpy. If we have left over money, we can spend it on dinner Saturday night when we are all done, or Tom can keep it for camper things.

    I don’t have any idea what size those containers are, they are just Rubbermaid & they stack well (and don’t leak & don’t break easily). Allan buys those sorts of things.

  5. Barb says:

    BTW – Allan can not figure out how you got a flat already with the brand new tires.

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