Better Living Through Chemistry

After a longish wait at the doctor’s office I walked out with a prescription for two medications and three samples of “probiotics”. For the next week I will take one medication once a day, one medication twice a day, and one medication (two pills) up to four times a day as needed. I’m surprised I wasn’t also given a cork stopper as well.

Hopefully this suite of drugs combined with an improved diet thickens the plop soon because if this doesn’t happen I will really have to consider canceling my trip to Iowa. Seriously, nobody should go on a fourteen-hour car trip in the condition I’ve been since last Tuesday.

Depending on how you slice it my doctor’s visit was either the lowlight or highlight of my day for I did little else noteworthy. Well, there was the trip to Target to get my prescription filled. I’m really ending my forties with a bang!

Speaking Of Bangs
Yesterday’s TdF stage proved to provide more fireworks than my Fourth of July. In an instant two insane wrecks occurred, while traveling ~45 kph, immediately ending the tour for three men. I read last night that Fabian Cancellara’s (final?) TdF came to an end yesterday as well when he was diagnosed with more broken bones in his back after completing the stage.

German Starts Again Tonight
And I’m not ready.

It’d be easy for me to blame the last week’s worth of physical distress on why I don’t feel prepared for the start of my German A2 class tonight. However, the real truth is that I have been a slacker the past three weeks and have not been doing the due diligence necessary to keep my skills honed.

I’m hoping that the start of tonight’s class will embarrass me just enough to start studying on a daily basis again.

Here is the one funny thing that I’ve learn from my experiences this past week; the German word for Diarrhea is der Durchfall, which as I translate this is “the through fall” or perhaps “the fall through”. LOL!

Alright, time for me to sit in my 8am meeting…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Better Living Through Chemistry

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like the doc gave you some new bugs for your stomach. I hope they make themselves at home.

    Wow, what a day at the tour yesterday. As a friend of mine says, try putting on your skivvies and getting out of a moving car at 35 mph, and thats what the riders went through yesterday. Sparticus impressed me yesterday- you could tell he was in pain and he knew he couldn’t even keep up in the pack, but he was in yellow and you have to honor the jersey. Chapeau!

    Laurent Ten Dam had gotten IN THE CAR, then they heard the race had been neutrailzed. They popped his shoulder back into place and he finished in the field. Wimps need not apply.

    I haven”t had a chance to catch up today, but the cobles are always interesting.


  2. I have always believed that hockey players were the toughest athletes, but cyclists give them a run for the money.

  3. Barb says:

    We haven’t really had a chance to watch, or for that matter felt like watching so far.

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