The Output Is Working Better, The Local Storage Isn’t

Still having stomach issues. Will not be taking any medication for it, and if my discomfort remains on Friday I will return to my doctor, this time to treat this problem.

In English: I have a stomach ache.
Auf Deutsch: Ich habe Magenschmerzen.

Speaking About German
Last night it was as if nearly the entire class took five more lessons than I have. I struggled mightily. My vocabulary skills seemed to be in great decline because I could not conjure the correct words to make my sentences; and forget about proper grammar.

Now that I will be at home this week and not skipping next week’s class, I need to put in a concerted effort in order to improve my skills. I really felt like a stranger in a strange land last night; this is a feeling I hope not to have again this semester.

I was shocked and dismayed to find out that the Goethe-Zentrum is losing its Program Director to Georgia State in August; he seemed to play a vital role in the goings-on of the G-Z. I hope that the G-Z can find a suitable replacement quickly.

I Hope To Start Riding Again Next Week
While not the 50th birthday present I was hoping to receive, it will be nice if by next Wednesday I could have mounted my bicycle again and have gone out for a ride or two. It’s just up to my stomach to heal itself before I do so.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to The Output Is Working Better, The Local Storage Isn’t

  1. Steve says:

    By now there should be no spoilers by saying Chris Froome rode like he was on FIRE yesterday. If he can hold on to the lead he established, the Tour is over after the first day in the mountains. Wow.

    Nothing much to report- Games meeting last night, and as it was happening, the storms approached.. I slid out of the meeting about 8:40 and the rain was just beginning. I high tailed it south and never was the slightest bit wet, but there was plenty of lightning in my rear view.

    And what is going on with 85 North near us? I think this is 3 weeks in a row they have had to shut it down during afternoon rush for a wreck or tractor trailer fire. I know the last time, I was watching the parking lot and there were guys out playing ball… between the cars in the stopped traffic. Wow.


  2. I left G-Z last night surprised that it was so dark for before 9pm (this is still July, right?). I was home no more than fifteen minutes when the skies opened up.

    Huh, I hadn’t heard about that Steve. I do know that traffic, even in the morning, has been complete crap for me — and school is not even in session!

  3. Steve says:

    I would guess that like me, when you hear a traffic report, you ignore 90% of it, until they mention the piece of road you might need to know something about.

    And it would appears from the photos and reports that the pre-50 celebration last night was a large success.

    Barb, are you in the office and not hung over?

  4. My 30th birthday: I had moved to Atlanta seven months before, knew very few people; it rained; no one wanted to go out; I stayed home alone on a Saturday night.

    My 40th birthday: I was hanging with many friends; I was in Las Vegas; I got a massage in the morning; I ate a great dinner that night.

    My 50th birthday: With my initial plan shot, I have no idea.

    Just tried to look at the blog post I wrote on my 40th, only to find out that Flickr must have changed the URL for all of my old photos. This is what happens when you rely on a third-party service. 🙁

  5. Barb says:

    yes I’m here – & I’m not hungover.
    It was a fun dinner, and then back to the deck for some cake in the storm.
    Busy as hell, trying to get everything done so I can get started with vacation!

  6. Allan says:

    Just read an interesting story about an outbreak of cystoisosporiasis in Buckhead. This is a parasite that causes the symptoms that you are suffering from. Go to the doctor and ask him about it, then get some drugs and get better (article said Bactrum will kill it).

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Will do. Thanks!

    If I don’t see you all tonight have a great trip.

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