Cycling, And Hashing?

On Saturday I did my now-routine ride from home to Stone Mountain and back — 41 miles. Unfortunately the events of this week will interrupt my routine. Saturday’s ride was good, but the morning was really humid and I sweat quite a bit while wearing my new Team Wimpy jersey. I also pedaled harder than I normally do as I “raced” some dude for a multi-mile stretch on East Ponce de Leon around Clarkston; I don’t think that he realized that we were racing by I was pedaling hard to keep up a 20+ mph average.

I followed the ride with shower and short nap before making a trip to recycle some styrofoam as well as two old televisions. I was pleased to hear that it only cost me $5/tv for recycling and not the $10 per that I was expecting.

From the recycling center I drove up to work where all hell has been breaking loose (and I was being heavily pressured to have “everything working” by today) — on Saturday the A/C wasn’t functioning well (it was over 80°F in the building), and even worse the server on which my app relies wasn’t working and I couldn’t contact the people responsible for its health. After three hours of frustration I left, heading to Meehan’s Pub in Sandy Springs.

For some reason I was really tired upon arriving home, after a stop at Morelli’s for some ice cream, and passed out fairly early.

Sunday Was A Hashing Day?
It’s been about a year since I last hashed with the Black Sheep Hash and I was bound to get out so that I can rightfully declare myself a hasher when I go to Portland in three-and-a-half weeks. The day was hot, the hash was difficult (for me), and I’ve been left with a handful of brier scratches on my hands and arms; hopefully none of this turns into a bout with poison ivy. I did my best to clean off with alcohol at the hash’s end.

While it was a lot of fun seeing people I’ve not seen in some time the hash wore me out. I hear that the Black Sheep Hash will be a joint hash with Wheelhopper in two weeks, and will be hared by ITP-Readers Barb and Allan…

It Would Have Been A Good Weekend Of Weight Loss
Had I not consumed more calories each day than I expended. Oh well, today’s another day.

Yesterday morning I tried a new-to-me restaurant, Folk Art. Folk Art is a small restaurant on Highland, so the fact that I arrived shortly after they opened at 9:00am was paramount. Because I knew that I was going to hash I allowed myself to “eat big” by ordering the “Folk Southern Fried” which consists of fried chicken and biscuits with fried eggs and sausage gravy. (Man, even typing that put a pound or two on me and hardened my arteries a bit.) The dish was good, but I’m not sure that I’d order it again.

Routineous Intteruptous
Why am I not riding this morning? Or depend on when you read this, why haven’t I ridden this morning? Because I have/had a 7:30am dental appointment to get my permanent crown installed. Hopefully all goes/went well.

For the rest of today I will be busting my hump to put out a revision of software that doesn’t embarrass me too greatly.

Tonight I’ll be going to the lavanderia to wash four loads — whites, normal coloreds, technical coloreds, and hashing clothes.

An Anniversary To Forget
Saturday also marked the eleventh “anniversary” of my carjacking, the event that started me hashing two months after it occurred in 2004. For obvious reasons I don’t really “celebrate” the day.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Cycling, And Hashing?

  1. steve says:

    Waiting to catch a flight home (2 actually ). It was a good week. Our only screw up was the final KOM when the leaders came by in a clump and we had to pick 10 places as it was an HC climb. I had a couple, the other judge had a few and we went to the videotape for a few more. Fortunately for us, no one in the group could have gotten into the money, so it was all honor and glory.

    I’m ready to be home, hug my wife and pet my dogs and sleep in my own bed.

    Hashing? I’ve heard of it, but can’t recall what it is.


  2. It’s taking a little while for the new crown to be a happy member of my mouth. 🙁 Hopefully all will be right soon, else I’ll be making another trip to my dentist this week.

    Hashing is an activity where you trounce through the woods getting slashed by thorns and briers. After seeing my right hand this morning’s dental hygienist asked me if I got in a fight with a cat this weekend.

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