Attention To Detal

Yes, I know there is a misspelling in the title; it was intentional. Of course I don’t think that the spelling/grammar correctors of the past read this space any longer, since they no longer comment, so I might have been able to get that one past the goalie. 🙂

A High Fiber Diet
By the time lunch arrived yesterday I was hungry. As I’ve been doing every day this week I made myself a sandwich consisting of ham and Muenster cheese. In order to finish up the remaining ham I added a little more to the sandwich than I had been, so the fact that it seemed tougher to eat the sandwich made some sense. After eating about two-thirds of the sandwich I finally pulled it apart only to find that the toughness was being caused by the paper that separates slices of cheese in a packet; the paper that I obviously forgot to remove from one of my slices. From the paper I realized that my front teeth are still quite capable of doing their job however, as the remaining paper had a distinct bite mark in it.

Oye vey.

Ten Pounds Of Sausage In A Five-Pound Casing
After work I did the Wednesday night bike ride with the Free-Flite in Sandy Springs. As we’ve done in the past a coworker and I suited up at the office and rode to the ride. Along the way I constantly whined about how fat I felt in the shorts that I was wearing. I kept waiting for things to get better, but they never did. In fact, I worried the entire time that I was going to have a Lenny Kravitz moment (last week Kravitz’ leather pants split wide open on stage, exposing his inner-Lenny).

Things were so bad that when I finally made it back to my car I changed into a pair of running shorts that I, thankfully, had in my gym bag.

Upon putting things away at home the mystery was solved. I had inadvertently packed a pair of medium bike shorts that I bought in 2010 (at least that’s the year stamped inside the shorts. The shorts have rarely been worn, because I haven’t fit into a medium in many years, so they looked just like the large-size shorts that were on my shelf.

Trivia Is On
I received the message last night that there will be trivia tonight. I’m ready, now all I need to do is figure out how to ensure that I get out of work on time to miss some traffic…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Attention To Detal

  1. Barb says:

    there is a year stamped inside bike shorts?

    I did that once to Allan leaving the paper on the cheese in a sandwich – he was like – what the hell??? I told him I thought he needed more fiber in his diet.

    I got another massage last night, but I’m still ahving an issue with my left neck, shoulder & arm. I might have to resort to going to a chiropractor.

  2. On the label inside Pearl Izumi shorts they put the “model year”; this pair said “Spring Season 2010”.

    Hope you recover soon, Barb, especially since I hear you are a hare for Wheelhopper a week from Sunday.

  3. Steve says:

    Ummm… I thought you were going to say the plastic wrapper. Really tasty.

    Barb, is that a riding injury/strain?

    Glad you still got your ride in and nothing was falling out. We took the evening off and only stayed up long enough to look at the meteor shower for a while. We had been standing on the back porch for just a few minutes when we saw the brightest meteor I have ever seen. It was as if a firework had one part that had gone astray, it was just that bright, with a yellow/red point. Really amazing. We waited several more minutes but there was nothing else. I think I will go back out tonight. Maybe out back to the open field behind the house.


  4. Barb says:

    I have no idea what has happened. First I thought it was my elbow, something from riding in Iowa, then my neck was bothering me a little, so I thought I had just slept wrong, but it isn’t going away. I might have a slight pinched nerve or something. it isn’t enough to stop me from doing anything, its just annoying.

    yes- we are hares next Sunday, it is looking like a joint hash ending with Black Sheep. I’m kind of worried that Breaststroke’s back yard & pool can’t really handle that big of a crowd, but oh well, that part isn’t my problem. She agreed to Wheelhopper before Surly asked her.
    Guess i better start looking at some maps.

  5. Steve says:

    Wheelhopper on the 23rd? I could be there…

  6. Just ate too much food for lunch, dinner is going to have to be scant (with one beer).

  7. Steve says:

    As I was walking out to lunch, a fire truck was rolling down 10th Street and a driver sat in the left lane while the engine pulled in behind and just laid on the horn. The driver never got it, and simply took off, still in the left lane. Cracked me up. I’m sure Allan has had that happen many times.

  8. Barb says:

    If you could hear the commentary when Allan was driving…….. good thing they don’t record them.

    Just had some Tasty China for lunch, and ran into Rats Ass & Shiggy Pits.
    and yes- it was Tasty.

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