Putting Exercise As My #1 Priority

I have been struggling with time management but continue to put my health, specifically exercise, as my top priority. I forced myself onto the bike this morning for an hour, in some part to continue to watch season one of “The Amazing Race”. I am currently about 25 minutes away from discovering the winner now.

Must. Pay. Attention.
I loaded the three washers with dirty laundry and thought that I successfully started each. Unfortunately I wasn’t thorough with my process and discovered twenty-nine minutes later that the third washer encountered an error. This inattention to detail cost me an extra twenty-nine minutes at the laundromat and could cost me first place and the million dollars! Whoa, about what am I talking? Perhaps I’ve been watching too much of “The Amazing Race”…

Obviously Eating Is Not Priority #2
After doing laundry I met up with my boss at Olde Blind Dog in Brookhaven where I had two beers, and a ginormous plate of “Irish” nachos. The plate was a mound of potato chips covered with chili, lettuce, and some sour cream. It was really satisfying to eat, until I awoke at 2am with a stomach ache.

Trivia Tonight
Tonight I’ll be joining the gang of meddling kids who always try to win the all the trivia money. I hope that we are successful again.

If My Calculations Are Correct
Almost every night at the beginning of “The Tonight Show” Quest Love, the drummer of the house band The Roots”, shouts out the show number. Beginning with show #200 Quest Love has also tacked on the city or state with the telephone area code having the show’s number. Tonight, if my calculation is correct, is show 404, and I am hoping to hear Love shout “Atlanta” after “404”. I know, I’m strange.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Putting Exercise As My #1 Priority

  1. Steve says:

    You’re correct, that’s strange. Either that or “page not found” (for all the geeks out there.

    I played chef last night and made chili, as it was that kind of night. Everything was going well until I went looking for beans! No beans were to be had in our reasonably well stocked pantry, so I decided to call it Texas chili and turned up the spice! Unfortunately, I also turned up the salt, forgetting the package of spices had plenty of salt. It was still pretty good and Debbie said I could make it again.

    No blizzard yesterday, although it looks like DC is in the crosshairs. I have an old HS friend in DC with 20 high school age kids on the “Close Up” program. Don’t know what his plan is for a blizzard.


  2. Here’s a piece of completely useless trivia – I hared Black Sheep #404 which seemed fitting for both references to the number. 🙂

  3. bob says:

    Atlanta has a new area code too, 470. I mix it up with 407 (Orlando) all the time.

  4. Barb says:

    I thought 470 was a middle GA area code & I needed to dial 1 the other day. (from work). I could not make the phone work. Then I realized it was a local #.

    My new bike has arrived – Allan decided I need to be all modern & have it a 1 x 11. I’m not so sure about this, but I don’t really get a say.

    Busy, busy, busy here at work doing to jobs this week.

  5. Stacy says:

    I knew Orlando’s area code for a very funny reason.

    My number is (404) 438 5800.
    A voice mail service number in Orlando is (407) 438 5800.

    Since the 7 is right below the 4 on the phone, people would hit it and call me instead of their voicemail. I can always tell that’s what happened when I see a (407) number come through. Sometimes I answer it just to mess with them.

    Once, a guy was all: “I’m so sorry! I was looking for my voicemail.” And so I just laughed, explained he hit the 4 on accident, said I could be his voice mail though and did my computer-like voice of “You have NO new messages.”

    We ended up talking for a little while: he and his wife actually used to live in Atlanta and had a photography studio right on Peachtree. Ha. Small fun world.

  6. Steve says:

    At a previous employer, my number was 888-5566, and back in those days you didn’t need an area code. I get kids every once and a while who just punched numbers. Always fun to mess with them.

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