The Itchy And Scratchy Show

It started sometime on Friday, a persistent itch on the small of my back, where a tramp stamp would be if I were a tattoo pioneer.

By Saturday morning the itching spread to the back of my legs, causing me to abandon thoughts of riding.

The breakout did not go away by Sunday morning, causing me to abandon thoughts of a Sunday ride.

By last night the outbreak had appeared on the top of my feet, as well as the inner part of my arms near my elbows.

I am currently at my doctor’s office hoping they can prescribe something, or inject something, that will rid my body of this annoyance prior to liftoff on Wednesday.

My body…. I fucking swear…

The only two things that changed last week were both initiated by my saddlesoreness. First I returned to using a charcoal soap during showers near the regions first suffering from the outbreak. Additionally I used an “all natural” chamois butter for the first time during my rides on Wednesday and Thursday.

Changing two things at once, I’d make a terrible scientist. To be fair I had used the soap before so I never expected it to have any adverse affects.

Bucking The Trend
I went to Horizon Theatre on Saturday night for a great performance of “The City of Conversation”. The play, not exactly light-hearted, was well acted and enjoyable.

I was able to get my favorite seat in the back because I bucked the requested trend of entering to the right, which is slow because people linger about on set and try to figure out where they want to sit, and took the stairs left, much to the dismay of the woman handing out programs.

So Much For 0%, Part 2
After getting laundry done very early and then returning home for a nap, I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night nor any night since actually, I drove over to Colony Square for the Germany v. Ukraine soccer game viewing party.

There was a smallish crowd of German faithfuls there awaiting the game’s start.

I saw my teacher and spoke some very poor German with her. Well, her German was perfect. 🙂

I watched the chalk artists start the preparations for their masterpieces.

And when the beer was finally deemed “cold enough” I bought one.

Here a photo of two women who are caught checking me out…
Look At The Women Checking Me Out
I’m obviously the large chuck of man in the white t-shirt sporting a European Man Bag. 😉

About fifteen minutes later the skies opened up with a quick, yet heavy rainfall. The chalk art was ruined, but at least Germany won 2-0 making the assembled crowd happy.

I’m On ‘roids
Doctor prescribed me some steroids and she called it into Target for me (something new the doctors do instead of giving a written prescription). On my way into the office I picked up my drugs and have ingested my first dose.

Hopefully I will scratch no more, or at least a lot less, by Wednesday afternoon.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to The Itchy And Scratchy Show

  1. Barb says:

    Itchiness SUCKS – I hope it goes away soon.

    We had a busy weekend – Saturday I “got” to help with siding the shed until TJ showed up, he’s a much better helper than me. Then I got to cut the grass in the heat of the day. I should have done it Friday evening, but thought Saturday morning would be cooler. (it would have been….. if I had done it in the morning)

    Friday night I also “got” to start up the pork butt on the EGG, all by myself. It got too hot (temp should been 200-220) and it went up to 270. I guess I had the top vent open too much, it needs to be cracked just about a millimeter – my crack was too much. Then – it takes FOREVER to get the temp down, so I was up with about 1am making sure I didn’t have a pork briquette in the morning.
    It all worked out – some Parrothead friends came over for dinner – good times & plenty of wine!

    Sunday was relaxing – tubing the Cartacay. Starting at JoAnna’s house is a LONG day – almost 5 hours on the river. I’m thinking I’ll get a kayak like JoAnna, as 5 hours was a long time for me, Allan & Mike were fine with it. The rapids at the end are so fun, so maybe I’ll meet them in the middle next time (if I don’t get a kayak)

  2. I think that I am going to try and cut the lawn tonight. There is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, and I really don’t want to risk waiting until Wednesday morning.

  3. Steve says:

    Sorry about the itching. Did the doc say what it was, or why? I’m with Barb, I no like itching.

    Saturday was racing at the velodrome. The lady promoter (who brought in officials from Texas because she didn’t know any local officials- idiot) actually put a lot of work into the event, but was poorly attended. We were able to condense the program and squeeze it into just a day, but it was a long day for us.

    Sunday, I went on hole patrol in the new pasture. Amazing the size of some of these craters the armadillos can create.

    Other than just having a one day weekend, it was pretty quiet.


  4. Barb says:

    Oh, and did you hear about the awful tragic accident at the very end of BRAG?
    A woman got her tire caught in a crack in the road & fell & got run over by a truck. How awful………..

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    No idea of the cause. Hopefully the steroids will help.

    I read Franklin’s email but didn’t know the cause of the death. Sounds terrible…

  6. Steve says:

    It really does sound like an actual accident. And from what else I’m hearing, the city of Savannah did little or nothing to prepare for BRAG’s arrival.

  7. Barb says:

    The city doing nothing doesn’t surprise me, who knows how much Franklin & whoever told them about the riders coming in. I mean I’d guess they had to get a permit for the park they ended at, but my guess is unless you BUG the hell out of the city (&/or pay for cops to work intersections), they wouldn’t do anything more. From everything I’ve heard, it was just a terrible, terrible accident. I’d hate to be that truck triver, it wasn’t his fauilt at all from the stories.

  8. bob says:

    Back from BRAG and after over 300 emails and a half day meeting I can now finally get to work (and check the blog).

    BRAG was super fun, Monday was a little rough with all the rain though. It took another day or so to get dried out. Taking flat Mende with us was super fun, I think he enjoyed doing the trip on FaceBook too.

    The accident in Savannah was extremely tragic, total accident too. The lady unfortunately got her tires in a crack and fell over directly in front of a dump truck. Fortunately I missed the event as I was enroute to get the rental to drive home in.

    I have heard rumors of next year being Chattanooga to Athens, hopefully some mountain riding!

  9. Barb says:

    we might be up for Chattanooga to Athens – or maybe do a BRAG Lite. Some North GA roads would be awesome.

  10. Welcome back, Bob.

    That wouldn’t surprise me as Franklin is doing that US Bike Route 21 in September, which goes from Chattanooga to Atlanta. I considered riding this, but it’s the same weekend as Lake Hartwell hash.

  11. Barb says:

    like you hash Paulie…….. why would that hash stop you???? LOL

  12. I KNOW. I KNOW.

    But I’m *trying* to get back into hashing, even in the Greater Atlanta Metro. 🙂 And Hartwell is like a travel hash, so I’m almost obliged to go…

    I will be packing some muddy shoes (from the last hash I ran) and taking them with me to Germany. It appears that there are only “real” trails on Saturday; there is a hangover hash on Sunday, and I’ll be doing Colonel Clit’s Full Moon hash a week from today.

  13. Barb says:

    I like & hate Hartwell. It’s turned into too many dogs that for some reason don’t play well with others.
    Since that ride is right after we get back from Colorado, we can’t do it.
    Allan has to work that Saturday. Maybe we can get shuttled out to Rockmart on Sunday. Maybe.

  14. I agree with you about the dogs. Who knows, maybe I’ll get so pumped about long-distance riding this summer that I’ll do it instead of Lake Hartwell.

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