So This Is Thursday?

And at 14:25 German Time I have finally found internet, really slow internet. This is from my hotel, with a super small room and a view of a housing construction site across the street; I am here one night…

Trust Is A Must
I hate the fact that I do some things without thinking, because when I can’t recall doing them I worry.

Yes, I am worrying about not doing something important, locking up something that I wanted to lock up. However the deed is now out of my control and I must trust that nothing bad will happen because of a possible fuck up. And if something bad does happen, I will have to man up and make it right when I return.

The worst part of this is that I should have double-checked that all was set, as I had plenty of time, and I cannot ask anyone to help me out.

I can be such an absentminded dumbass.

The Waiting Is a the Hardest Part

As soon as I arrived at the airport I was greeted with a fifty minute delay with my flight. Three gate changes later we finally started boarding at our revised departure time.

With each plea for passengers with flexible schedules to reschedule to a flight tomorrow I considered taking Delta’s offer of an $800 travel voucher, and satisfying my nagging wonderment if I have had indeed forgotten to take care of that aforementioned thing. But, I decided that it was more important to follow through with my travel plans, keeping a positive attitude that all will turn out well.

So when you read this, I am in Germany.

If Only I were Further Along
Surrounded by passengers returning home to Germany I did my best to eavesdrop on their conversations to see if I could follow along.

Not yet.

Yesterday morning I enrolled in German B1.1, so perhaps the next time I find myself in this situation I can be nosier. ­čÖé

The Flying Was The Second Hardest Part

Nine hours of flying, and I didn’t get more than an hoir’s worth of sleep. Normally I am a champion sleeper, if not a champion sleeper who wakes up constantly for hours on end. In the plane I could never find a comfortable position to help me fall asleep. I am sure that at some point later today my ass will be dragging, but I am going to try and tough it out. And if I can’t, I hope that I can get into my hotel room to take a nap.

We’ll all have to wait two weeks to see the outcome of my absentminded behavior. How’s that for starting this trip with suspense?

Paulie [düsseldorf/dl]

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7 Responses to So This Is Thursday?

  1. steve says:

    Well, I hope whatever you forgot will be fine.

    On the rare times (3) I have gone to Europe, I have started to set my body clock on Europe time before travelling. It seemed to help somewhat. Too late for you now though.

    The vertigo is a bit better today, so the world is spinning a bit less.


  2. bob says:

    Glad you survived the flight. Do not take a nap! Your jet lag will suck if you do. That is one piece of advice i followed when i went and my boss did not. it took him 4 days to recover from his jet lag and I was good within a day.

    Walk around in the sunlight then go to a beer garden.


  3. Stacy says:

    Is your “locking” situation something a friend can check on? I can run over to the ITP-Estate to verify for you if the situation is there.

  4. Barb says:

    $800 travel voucher – that would be tough for me to pass up.

    If you do take a nap, make it a very short one.
    When we were in Spain, we took maybe an hour nap that first afternoon, Katrina had us babysitting a napping child. It seemed like the thing to do. I was fine after that.

    so, TJ slipped off the ladder last night working with Allan, we thought twisted his ankle, so off to the ER they went. I think he has a broken heel. Allan feels so bad……….

  5. steve says:

    What!! That’s not good.

  6. Ouch for TJ.

    Nap taken and I feel great now, except for a thing or two with my body getting used to a foreign environment. I was pooped so it was unavoidable. I don’t want to give away tomorrow’s blog, but suffice to say I am struggling to find bars here in D├â┬╝sseldorf. I’m serious!

    Barb, if I had one more day before the start of the hash I would’ve volunteered. The money could’ve financed a Colorado flight… Oh well.

    Unfortunately no, Stacy. I’m going to try my best to forget about for the next thirteen days and deal with the outcome when I return.

  7. Stacy says:

    Paulie, what city are you in? I have friends in various places in Germany right now and I can have them point you to the best bars.

    Oh wait. Just saw: Dusseldorf (pardon the lack of punctuation on the u)…. I’ll ask!

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