From Box Fan To Space Heater

Funny how quickly things can ch-ch-change.

It seems as if it were only Friday that I was blogging about putting a box fan in the window and opening doors to cool the house down, oh wait, it was. This morning as I write this I am under the covers in my bedroom with the window and bedroom door closed and a space heater running. It is currently 65°F inside the ITP Estate. I will not be exercising the central heat yet.

Another LEAF Is In The Books
I’ve mentioned before how time flummoxes me. It seems inconceivable that I could have departed for Black Mountain only three days ago. I feel like my life has shifted entirely since then, and not necessarily in a good way. I’m not myself today and don’t like it; hopefully I can snap out of it soon.

After breakfasting at one of Atlanta’s newest Waffle Houses — the one in Glenwood Park — on Friday morning I journeyed up to North Carolina stopping only once in Berea, South Carolina to fill the M6’s gas tank with $1.88/gallon gas and my wallet with cash from the ATM. (note to self: it may be time to start paying attention to the balance in your bank account…) It was a windy journey which foreshadowed the weekend we were about to experience. On Friday a few tents and popup pavilions were sacrificed to the Wind Gods as they were uprooted and mangled as they blew across the camp grounds. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to worry about such a fate as the Raleigh Royalty had secured a camper which kept us grounded and much warmer than if we were spending the nights in tents. When the sun shined and the wind temporarily subsided the weather was gorgeous; I even managed to pick up a bit of a sunburn on the back of my neck on Saturday.

While ever-changing, LEAF has thrown a few serious curveballs at us this year. In Spring the Barley’s pizza tent and my beloved Coffee Bus were not in attendance (and didn’t return this time either). This time we discovered that the nice husband/wife team that the boys would visit and get henna tattoos were also missing. Even the normally rock-solid fire show seemed to be missing something in addition the the main performer who usually would end the show by breathing fire. None of these changes will make me stop going to LEAF, especially since I enjoy spending time with the Raleigh Royalty, but they do lessen the appeal.

One change I would have welcomed is cell coverage for AT&T users. Black Mountain, or at least the Lake Eden complex, is an AT&T dead zone. Instead of buying Time Warner, as I heard from Lisa who has Verizon and had cell coverage, I’d rather AT&T spend their money (as well as mine since I am a customer and shareholder) improving cell and internet services.

Other things I found out after the fact:

  • The Cubs are going to the World Series? WTF?
  • Penn State beat #2 Ohio State? WTF?
  • The Jets beat the Ravens? WTF?
  • Donald Trump is running for President? WTF? Oh wait, I haven’t been gone that long.

What else did I miss this weekend?

I left LEAF a little before 5pm yesterday. I should have seen if I could’ve picked up the Falcons game on the radio to hear how they managed to lose to San Diego yesterday. I also should have remembered that Anderson, SC is the location of the closest QT to the SC/GA border and stopped for cheap gas before reentering our state.

ITP Flickr Pic
Not a single photo was taken by yours truly this weekend. I’m not in a good place for creativity at the moment.

Other Changes In Store?
It appears that I may win this week in the Yahoo! Pick’em Pool. With the help of last night’s scintillating 6-6 tie between Seattle and Arizona I’ve already secured victory regarding my $5 side bet, but if all goes to plan tonight I think that I finish in first place for the week; for that honor I win a huge bucket of pride.

I’m not trying to apply pressure to myself but I have a second interview this afternoon, and this time it’s technical.

I have heard from the alarm monitoring company employed by the ITP Estate that they are increasing my rate, again, this time adding another $4/month to my bill. I am unhappy enough with them to switch so if you have a house alarm company that you like I’d love to hear about them. Feel free to email me at if you don’t wish to publish the company you employ in a comment.

Some Things Haven’t Changed
I still need to go to my doctor and find out why a lump remains on my eyelid. It may be nothing more than another unattractive addition to my body that will be mostly ignored by everyone but me, but I need to find out.

I still need to read all of the paperwork, including whatever arrived in the mail over the weekend, regarding my employment termination and the continuation of my health insurance at my cost.

I’m late with my German homework. I’ll be starting it as soon as I wrap up writing this blog post.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to From Box Fan To Space Heater

  1. Barb says:

    I spent the weekend in Ellijay, having a girls weekend.

    JoAnna arranged to have a yoga class at the cabin mondy, morning, the sun was out, so it all worked out. My gimpy arm wasn’t too much problem, as the teacher worked the class without any downward dogs, etc.
    We goofed off the majority of the time, but had dinner at a little Italian restaurant Saturday night, I think its the busiest restaurant in Ellijay. It was crazy, but they did a good job handling hte crowd.

    Yesterday we finally visited the Tater Patch – a place with a few signs along the road, that I keep saying I need to go check it out. You can dig your own potatoes, but I chose to just pick a 5 lb bag worth from some already dug up.
    Then – we headed to the Fainting Goat winery for some afternoon sun, and live music. The white wine – Old Glory – was very tasty, though not really sure that $24/bottle is really a good price, but nothing at these GA winderies is cheap.

  2. steve says:

    I was worked like a rented mule all weekend! Debbie needed my help in preparing the course for the hunter pace this weekend.

    Sleezy Rider joined us for the weekend while she was at an ultra event in Harellson (of all places). We made pizza Friday night and she took us to our favorite sushi place Saturday evening.

    I have hopefully patched a leaking tire on my car. I had just enough patching material to slow the leak and take it to the tire store. Sadly, they close early on Sunday so off to the auto parts store to buy more plugs and patch it I did. No apparent leaking…

    The week is already off to a bang up start around here. Problems in odd places.


  3. steve says:

    And wait… a second interview? Woot woot!! (You haven’t told them about the blog, have you?)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend Barb.

    Well done, Steve.

    No, I would never mention the blog. However, that’s not to say that the person who recommended doesn’t know/read. I’m nervous but can only present the knowledge I know…

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