Winners And Losers

We are all a bit of both…

Winner: Me, regarding food. I ate an amazing doughnut with coffee for breakfast yesterday:
A Great Way To Start My Day
Yes, that is a bacon, salted-caramel doughnut…

(Minor) Winner: Me, regarding the Swift programming language. I followed breakfast up with a productive morning of work at the Decatur Public Library learning Swift. Slowly, but surely, I am dragging myself kicking and screaming into the world of Swift development.

Loser: Victory Sandwich Bar, because for some unexplained reason they were not open at lunch time yesterday. I was going to eat lunch there, but alas could not.

Winner: Raging Burrito, who was open. I ate a Raging Cajun burrito and because it was Monday (lunchtime) I received free chips and salsa. As an added bonus I heard an old song from “A Fir-Ju Well” the Atlanta band which is currently known as “Gringo Star”.

Loser: Me, regarding exercise and weight loss. Well, maybe not. I did manage to walk over five miles yesterday afternoon! Unfortunately my shins are hurting today. I also overdressed because for some reason I thought that it was going to be chilly outside and was uncomfortable for most of the walk.

Loser and Winner: Me, bar bingo. I met up with Hank last night at Lucky’s Burger and Brew for a few beers, and because it was Monday night some Bar Bingo. I tied with two others in the “Four Corners” game, ultimately losing the $10 house cash in a three-way draw. However, I tied with Hank and another guy in the final “Cover Them All” game and won that tiebreaker. I picked up a gift card for $20 in house cash, and I think that I am now part of their bingo finale that they will have at some point in the future.

Winner: The Green Bay Packers. Not that I watched the entire game at Lucky’s, and because I am a certified “cord cutter” could not watch the second half when I arrived at home because it was being aired on ESPN.

Winner: Me, regarding sleep. Because I couldn’t watch the game nor was I interested in watching either of the two DVDs — Capote, Olive Kitteridge — that I picked up at the library yesterday, I went to sleep fairly early.

Loser: Me, regarding sleep. I fell asleep on the futon in the den.

Winner: Me, regarding sleep. I nearly slept all night.

Loser: Me, regarding my eyelid. It still concerns me. I have my annual eye exam on Friday and will discuss my eye with my long-time optometrist to see if he feels that I should consult an ophthalmologist.

Losers: Atlanta Media Outlets, regarding yesterday’s house fire downtown. On my walk I saw and heard two helicopters hovering over downtown. Given that it was 4pm I assumed that there was a major snarl on The Connector, however a check of Google Maps showed no such traffic slowdown. I went to the mobile websites for WSB, AJC, and WXIA, none of which had any “Breaking News” about the situation. The top stories were something happening at Ohio State, and the impending rain (as if we’ve never had a heavy rainstorm pass through these parts). Finally when I returned home I saw a story about a house fire, well, I almost saw the story because when I clicked on the link the website never showed me more information. (I just read the story) I suppose a vacant house fire in Atlanta doesn’t warrant much coverage, but then why two news helicopters, when you consider all of the other pending concerns in this country.

Loser: Me, regarding dating. I realized that this past weekend marked the thirteenth “anniversary” of Jeannie ending our relationship by moving out. It was certainly nice having someone express interest in me this year, unfortunately that didn’t work out. I need to figure out how to not go so long until this happens again (because frankly I don’t have that many years left!).

Winner: Me, regarding finances. I managed to get through “Black Friday” / “Cyber Monday” hell purchasing only three things. I bought two books on Swift programming (investing in my professional future) and some nice-smelling, beer-based soap from Red Beard Brand (investing in my personal future if I ever again meet someone to date).

Loser: Me, regarding German homework. I had two weeks to get all of my German homework done. Class is tonight. Wanna guess what I will be doing today?

Have a great (and wet!) day friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Winners And Losers

  1. bob says:

    Damn that doughnut looks good!

    I didn’t do so well on Cyber Monday, while I did get gifts for Laura I also dropped some money on myself. But when you find Perl Izumi and Louis Garneau bib shorts for $50 and $40 you buy them.

    Not sure what you are up to on Saturday but there is a Faster Mustache illegal mtn bike race starting at Loose Nuts Cycles by Grant Park. Lots of dipshittery and photo opportunities. if you feel like joining.

  2. It was delicious!

    I am not sure what I am doing on Saturday yet either, so I just may be there!

  3. Barb says:

    I’m not much of a donut lover, but anything with bacon & salted caramel can’t be bad.

    Rain – can you believe it rained?

    There was a gas main break near Centennial Park late yesterday afternoon, Allan is always thrilled the babysitting they get to do while the gas company fixes it.
    Not that it would warrant helicopters – but………

    I decided to use up some left overs (before I found up from Stacy that today is Throw Out Your Leftovers Day) & made some Shepherd’s Pie last night. I made a very small pan with stuffing instead of mashed potatoes – I think it will be weird, but hey, I was using up leftovers, and a big pan with mashed potatoes.
    We still need to make soup with the chicken broth – Allan is not working today (besides basement stuff), so that is probably his other project.

  4. Holy crap. Apparently somebody has deemed today “Giving Tuesday”. November is a seemingly never-ending stream of companies asking me to give them my money.

  5. Stacy says:

    So is THAT what happened over here at the park yesterday? People were talking about “all the firetrucks down on the corner” and I thought: hmmm….firemen? I should go have a look see! 😉 But then I didn’t. Had I, I could have said hi to Allan!

    Those leftovers sound GOOD Barb! As for mine? For once, I don’t have to celebrate today. No leftovers made it past day 2 in my house!

  6. steve says:

    Rain, beautiful rain. Yes, please. More, please. We noticed how many livestock ponds were low to non-existent as we made our various drives around yesterday.

    The funeral was a low key affair, the only highlight was Debbie speaking of her father, without notes, and managed to do it quite well. Chappeau! Lots of food and family afterwards.

    As predicted, the rain hit right at 04:00. I heard one clap of thunder and really didn’t fall back to sleep. I think the forecast will change, as I see nothing more coming down the pike- we could easily use a couple more days like that, for sure.

    There was no cyber Monday spending for me, and giving Tuesday might be out of luck as well.

    Ummm.. doughnuts!


  7. Barb says:

    Stacy – Allan would have welcomed the visit – I know they were there for at least 2 hours – just hanging out……….

  8. And here I was hoping that Allan was out putting out what appeared, from helicopters and smoke, to be a massive fire downtown.

  9. Barb says:

    he wishes it wa a massive downtown fire………..

    speaking of huge fires – can you believe Gatlinburg is getting destroyed?

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I haven’t been following the Gatlinburg situation too closely. Is it the same fire that are in North Georgia?

  11. bob says:

    Very crazy about Gatlinburg, I wanted to take Travis there too. I guess I should have done it this year. Rebuilding will take a while.

  12. steve says:

    Wow. Some pretty amazing pictures. As much wind as there was last night, I’m surprised there isn’t more damage, but I guess it isn’t over yet either.

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