Busy Day Ahead

As I wait out this morning’s storms I have eaten a breakfast of one hard-boiled egg (the second one proved to be too much work to peel) and a short stack of pancakes. I need to find that method of peeling hard-boiled eggs in a bowl.

This morning I will be fighting traffic to go to La Fitness, before driving a shit-ton of dirty clothes to Chamblee. My timing to run out of clean underwear for tomorrow, unless I do laundry today, coincides perfectly with my plans to meet my fried Darren at El Pollo Norteño for lunch.

Tonight I will attending a “mystery” dinner in Oakhurst. The dinner, which is put on by Urban Explorers of Atlanta, appears to be a progressive dinner during which we will visit three restaurants in Oakhurst. If you have ever been to Oakhurst you know that we will not have to walk far to accomplish this.

In the time between lunch and dinner I will be learning Swift and applying for a job about which I have heard. Ugh.

Wee Little Bit: Trail Whisperer
On my ride about town, which was nearly the exact ride I took last week, I came across another hash trail. This time I was out on the Dekalb Stone Mountain Path near Avondale Estates. I lost this trail, which appeared to be older than the others I have found, quickly and made no effort to pick it up again.

I think it is weird to find so many trails in town in such a compressed time frame.

Until tomorrow,
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Busy Day Ahead

  1. Steve says:

    I met with the firewood man and he helped me identify a tree I wondered about. If you see trees around that still have tan colored leaves, slightly “bushy”, the tree man said these are elms. Who knew? I always thought an elm was a big tree, He did identify a hickory he said could be 200 years old in our yard! How cool is that? I’ll start pushing over what I can and when I get a trailer load ready, he’ll come and get them.

    Went for a ride yesterday on the road and with my back still painful, it was a struggle for a bit over 17 miles. The wind didn’t help at the start, but did push me home (as I planned).

    Games and board meeting went well. As our treasurer passed away last month, we had his seat to fill, as well as his BoD seat (not necessarily the same person). Our long time assistant treasurer was an easy pick, as was the guy who has been handling the clans in anticipation of Don’s retirement. Sadly, his retirement/passing came as a shock to all.

    Welcome back Stacy!!

    Back to the grind…


  2. Barb says:

    Last night I was lazy.
    Decided to clean out the DVR.
    This Is Us is a great show – so different than anything else on TV right now.

    Tonight we will be heading to Decatur to Clifford & Lisa’s – they are doing a major kitchen remodel and need Allan’s advice on some flooring issue. I guess we have done enough flooring now that Allan is the expert. BUT – the part about this evening that will make the roadtrip worth it is we can also visit Palookaville for corndogs & boozy shakes. Clifford works at Shepherd until 7pm, so hopefully by heading that way later, the traffic won’t be totally horrendous.

    JoAnna & I had talked about going to that strength & tone class again tonight at 5:30, I’m a little tight from that monday class, I wonder if I can do it.

  3. Big swing and a miss tonight! Boy, doesn’t that sound familiar…

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