Well, Shit

I was hoping to be writing to you today fully recovered, walking as if the split-second riding mistake I made now eight days ago had never occurred. But I am not. I have had much more pain associated with this fall that the one six years ago, and as of now I am still unable to put my full weight on my leg in order to walk normally. I put my left knee in a brace yesterday and that seemed to help a little but I am certainly not anywhere near “right”. It’s a good thing that I still have my appointment with Dr Royster tomorrow.

“Survivor : Civil War” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Survivor : Civil War

Taken about ten minutes before I would meet my demise. I was the first (and only?) one “voted” off the island. Had I only known then what I know now.

Off Again Today
I have another day off from work today, which would be a lot cooler if I didn’t have this injury still.

I may go to IKEA, because I want to buy a couple of cheap desk organizer items for my new work area at “XYZ Corp”. I know exactly what I want, where they are, and the shortcuts to get me out without having to walk the entire maze. I’ll have to see how the hip, leg, and knee feel about this.

Saturday’s Trials And Tribulations
Because of my immobility for nearly all of last week my efforts to collect a lot of things to recycle at the City’s recycling event fell flat. In the end I decided that the scant amount of things that I was certain that the people would take for recycling did not justify the effort of getting there.

I hobbled to Horizon Theatre on Saturday night to use the ticket for “Nobody Loves You” that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. The play, which is a “behind the scenes look at a reality dating show”, was hilarious. At first I thought that it was going to be a musical and that I would dislike it, but in the end it turned out to be a comedy with musical numbers which I liked quite a bit. I’d tell you to go see it before its run at Horizon Theatre ends on March April 30th, but I know that you probably won’t. 😉

Prior to the show I ate dinner at Manuel’s Tavern. Check off another place that I hadn’t been to since I was dating last year. In fact the last time I was in Manuel’s was before Trump was elected and I shook Bill Clinton’s hand. Ah memories of better days…

Spring Riding Future In Complete Doubt
Given that I am not moving painlessly today I am almost 100% sure that I won’t be riding the BRAG Spring Tune Up this weekend. And if I am not completely pain free I will also not be going out to Rutledge to camp. Dangen!

Also in jeopardy is my attendance for Bo Bikes Bama in Auburn, Alabama the following weekend. Double Dangen!

Stupid curb.
Stupider Paulie.

Positive Spins
I have been a long-time fan of “America’s Test Kitchen” and was dismayed to hear last year that founder and long-time host Christopher Kimball was leaving due to contract disputes. Over the weekend I discovered Milk Street, Kimballs’s new venture, which sounds identical to his old venture. Now that I have income again I may do wild things like subscribe to magazines.

Yesterday I made a kick-ass crockpot of pork loin. I had a 4-lb loin in the refrigerator that I purchased pre-injury and wanted to cook it before it went bad. I resurrected an old recipe that I used to make for the folks at work, Slow Cooker Carolina BBQ Pork, substituting the loin for the pork shoulder. Due to the size and cut of meat I used compared to that called for by the recipe mine was completely cooked in nine hours on low, and probably sooner had I thought to check the hunk of pork with a meat thermometer sooner. It was amazing. And as you can imagine, I have plenty of leftovers to eat this week.

Yesterday I also procrastinated a ton by listening to the Mets v. Marlins game using the MLB iOS app. The Mets were no-hit for eight innings prior to getting a hit. Then with two-out in the ninth the Mets scored two runs to tie the game! In the bottom of the ninth it sounded as if the Marlins were going to win but the Mets threw the runner out at home plate! HOW EXCITING!!! And then the next batter homered to end the game. The Mets lost the last three of the four games played in Miami.

On Wednesday I will become a cane owner. I started out thinking about buying trekking poles, because then at least I could look cool, and own trekking poles. Then I found an inexpensive cane on Amazon and decided to go that route. Pity that it can’t be here tomorrow, but I did order on Easter Sunday so I could expect no faster shipping.

Make it a great Monday all. I hope that you start your week painlessly; I wish that I could’ve done the same.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Stacy says:

    Are you bopping around in a time machine again? The play’s run ends over 2 weeks ago? 😉 All jesting aside, I’d read up on that one and thought it sounded interesting. Maybe I’ll have to see about going (if you did indeed mean April).

    Really nice weekend, really too short. I’m super tired and cranky today and so I’m still blaming it on Mercury in retrograde.

    That’s a great picture. I hadn’t realized you were able to get that close to the lion – every time I’ve gone the gate has been closed. Or was it because you were a group?

    • The play ends April 30. Apparently the fall scrambled my calendar functions. 😉 will fix this after finishing this comment.

      I think the gate is usually closed, but not locked. We needed no special permission to go inside.

  2. HamWithCam says:

    “It’s not how many times you fall that matters, but how many times you get up.”
    (Our weekend was to eventful to summarize from my phone…)

  3. Barb says:

    why are you off work again today? what holiday is today?

    Weekend was busy – had to go down to Allan’s firehouse Saturday morning to deliver something he needed from the house, went for a hike with JoAnna & the beagles at Kennesaw, then went to a bridal shower for Ali Schoen (PantyWaste & Butt Sucker’s daughter).
    Sunday was the 7th annual Easter ride from Rambo to Rockmart & back, smaller group, but we still had the picnic after. Allan hadn’t had much sleep after working in Midtown Friday night & then the regular Vine city shenanigans Saturday night, so he pretty much slept the rest of Sunday.

    • When they told me that the office was closed Friday and Monday I really didn’t ask why. I think today may be a “floating holiday” that they combined with Good Friday to give everyone a four-day weekend. Or, everyone but me is in the office today and I have been made the fool. 😉

      I wanted to come out for the Easter Sunday gathering again, but well, you all know why I didn’t. 🙁

      Now that the northbound Connector has reopened after this morning’s toxic chemical spill — this is starting to look as if MARTA is orchestrating all of these events in order to gain significance — I am evaluating whether or not to make an IKEA trip.

      One other bit of fallout from this accident. I cannot physically get my lawnmower to the front yard; there are three tall concrete steps to navigate and normally I lift the mower off the ground to get it to the front. Therefore I am contemplating calling a lawn service to maintain my front yard. Clearing out the backyard will be this summer’s post-Germany-trip project for me and whatever company I hire to take down the dead pine tree.

  4. Steve says:

    Sorry to hear you’re still broken. I know it’s frustrating.

    I’m not sure where the weekend went, but damn, it seemed short. I cut the grass at the Ben Hilton Friday afternoon and checked in with my sister upon leaving. She finally admitted she needs help in getting the house on the market, so it looks like I’ll be looking for a realtor that specializes in East Point. That and actually getting the place ready for showing should keep me off the streets for a while.

    Saturday had me running errands while Debbie and a friend played with the puppy. I also got 25 slightly windy miles in. Sunday was Easter lunch with way too many kids and chocolate! I thought we’d be in for the evening, but Debbie decided she was hungry so off to the Newnan biker bar for “Irish Nachos” (tater tots) and wings.

    The alarm this morning woke me from a sound sleep. Rare, as I normally turn off the alarm before it goes off.


    • Thanks. I also think I am broken in another way that may cause me to seek out a different medical professional in the near future. Wheee, again is challenging! If I am correct than I will have to make an appointment sooner, rather than later. I probably should have handled this one during my nine-month hiatus…

  5. Barb says:

    oh yeah – we got an estimate for the 2 BIG dead hardwoods in the back, plus 3 smaller, but still good sized trees in the front………. WAY TOO MUCH MONEY.
    I’m going to get another estimate or 2, just to make myself feel better about how much this is going to cost.

    • Steve says:

      I’d say part of the problem is there isn’t any place to drop them so they have to have a crane or some complicated rope and drop a piece at a time. Good luck.

      • Barb says:

        crane is crazy priced, he can do it without the crane, but the shed is right there, so we are going to have to put some plywood, blankets, something on the roof for the limbs that drop won’t hurt it too much. So much for ever getting enough money to remodel the kitchen.

        • Barb says:

          2nd estimate is a little better (but still way too much money) and this guy has a crane, so he doesn’t charge extra for that.
          We will see what Guy#3 says tomorrow, but probably going with Guy#2.

  6. HamWithCam says:

    Busy weekend:
    – Figured usual Friday night OK Cafe run would be goofed by traffic, so we went Friday lunch.
    – Besides, the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship was Friday afternoon/evening. Georgia did poorly (oh how the mighty have fallen) and wound up 12th out of 12. Only 3 teams from each session advance (3 from the afternoon and 3 from the evening) to Saturday’s “Super Six”, the championships. DVR spoiler alert: (Oklahoma wins it going away.) Saw two 10’s. Super difficult given….6 judges.


    – Watched a few Braves games, while doing other stuff. Looking forward to checking out SunTrust Park. I wonder what the “photography policy” is? (“no removable lens cameras”?).

    – Small under counter “beverage cooler” fridge died somewhere along the way. We rarely use it. Service dude called. Probably won’t be a cheap fix.
    – Upstairs HVAC blowing warm air, freezing up. I suspect low refrigerant (R-22). (Father -in-law is a mechanical contractor, so some HVAC expertise has rubbed off over the years.) We suffered through the weekend. Wasn’t too bad. Service Tech called, but Mondays are typically filled with “emergencies”. We wait.
    – Decided to haul off and drive up to Gainesville Sunday to see the new-ish Atlanta Botanical Garden, Gainesville outpost. Nice enough. What’s there. Built in great part from donations from Doug Ivester, former Coca-Coal Company CFO.
    – Drive back to the ATL discussing lunch options, with no decision. Came back home, decided, what the heck, so we motored over to OK Cafe. Natch. Traffic was light, both ways. We came back Paces Ferry to Butthead to Piedmont, down to Morningside to Decatur. No problem.
    – Finally tackled a problem with AT&T Router. Blah, blah, blah, AT&T pushed an update, goofed the “database”. Couldn’t see my Linux box, various cameras from “outside”. Fix was to reset the box to factory defaults. However, I have many custom configurations, ports opened, etc. to enable the Linux box (web server, et al). Reset and reconfiguration went smoother than I feared, back in business.
    – Pulling together various galleries for the “Art Lady” (thus the need for the Linux box to work). About 50% of the stuff I have in my photo archives. I may need to do some impromptu shooting for the other 50% End client unknown.

    Paulie/all: Somebody is pulling together a get-together this Tuesday at Elliott Street Pub to commemorate APG’s “10 Year Anniversary”. Time flies. I am considering attending.

    I’m pretty sure Paulie was at the first APG meet-up.

    New flash: I-20 closed at Gresham due to “gas main leak”.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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