Other than spending a day at work the crowning achievement of my day was getting all of my laundry done yesterday afternoon. Fortunately for me the 4pm meeting that I referenced in a comment yesterday was canceled so I was able to get to the Waschsalon relatively early, even after making a driving blunder, secure the needed machines, and then get home by a decent hour.

Upon arriving home I noticed that my neighbor’s lawn had indeed been cut, now making my the standout by being unwieldy. You know that I have been physically unable to get my lawnmower to the front, but my neighbors do not. If I were not injured I would have mowed on Sunday, or at least taken the new information as a call to arms to get outside and mow last night. But you know that I can’t.

Knowing that it won’t be until tomorrow when I can attempt to get the lawnmower out, and hopefully it starts, I closed the door behind me and forgot about my situation.

A dinner of reheated jambalaya was consumed and I retired to the bedroom to put away (most of) my clean clothes, and then do my German homework. It sounded perfect in theory until after performing the first task I laid down on my bed and was incapable of keeping my eyes open. I don’t think that I saw 9:15pm last night. Of course I woke again at midnight, 2:30, 4:00, and finally again at 5:00 before getting my day started.

I am at “XYZ Corp” as I write this, and am about to find a quiet cubbyhole in which I can force myself into completing my homework for tonight.

As I turned onto my right side last night and tried to reposition myself und the covers I felt and heard a strong, loud pop come from my left groin, the epicenter of my pain. All felt okay for a second and I wished that this had put me back into proper alignment and would cure me of my deep pain. Of course it did not.

Though I am unsure that the pain in my hip/leg/knee will be cured with physical therapy I am willing to try. Yesterday I called to try and make an appointment with a PT, only to find out that their scheduling system was down and that they are unable to schedule Me until it is working again. Ah technology…

I am still contemplating chiropractic help too, so if you have an amazing chiropractor that you’d like to recommend please leave a comment. Or, you can shoot me an email if you don’t want to leave a comment; my email address is over there in the right-hand galley.

Make it a great Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Bedlam

  1. Steve says:

    My ankle is still screwed. I’m mobile first thing in the morning, but as the day wears on, I become less and less so. It may make for a long day of travel today- I finally get to the hotel around 03:00 Eastern time if all goes well.

    Our new Great Dane arrived last night. Cinder is a beautiful dark gray color, with pinned ears (which we aren’t fond of). She’s a bit tentative, but finally relaxed while we watched TV last night. I had put the big crate away just the other day, so this was a bit of a surprise. She appears to get along with the rest of the family, though she seems unsure of the horses- she hasn’t discovered the delicacy that is horse poop.

    1 big suitcase full of moto gear and 1 medium sized full of everything else. I guess I’m ready.


    • Stacy says:

      Safe travels to you Steve, and have a blast! Hope your ankle starts feeling better too!

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I can completely relate to your ankle situation. For weeks my hip/leg/knee started the day feeling okay, but have become problematic as the day wore on.

    Good luck with your cycling duties, and with the new pup. Are Great Danes ever “pup” size?

    • Steve says:

      Puppy is relative. Farley and Zelda were both the size of Izzie when they arrived. Cinder (possibly being changed to Lola) is a 4 year old that was basically in a puppy mill. Another lady had her for a week, but she wasn’t getting along with her regular dogs, so we stepped up.

  3. Stacy says:

    Can you maybe get someone to mow your lawn for you just this once? I understand being hesitant after your leaf-raker dude, but I bet there are some high school students around needing extra money (or use something like the Takl app). And then by next time you’ll probably feel better enough to do it on your own.

    Went for a nice long walk yesterday and knowing all that you guys are dealing with, feel really lucky indeed that I haven’t done anything to myself lately. Hang in there, guys. xo

    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      Since I loathe the chore I have thought about hiring someone to take care of my lawn “forever”, but have not spent the time researching companies and getting quotes. My situation will change slightly this summer when I finally hire someone to cut down the dead pine tree and clear out a bunch of scrub. I am sure that the landscaping company will adjust their rate based on the new areas to maintain.

      Ah home ownership…

    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      And enjoy your good health, and thanks for the continued well wishes!

      I just made a PT appointment for Thursday morning. I am getting a “four-pack” deal and paying out of pocket because they are not in my new health insurer’s network. 🙁

      Good thing I have money in my HSA! Hopefully this will get me on the path to better health.

    • Steve says:

      I forgot to ask you where is that fountain? On the back of the Garden?

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