Eating a breakfast to last me all day at Biscuitville in Asheboro, NC.

That is all.

Paulie [asheboro/nc]

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  1. Steve says:

    YOUR Florida Gaytors!! Not that I had a dog in the fight, but it was SEC football after all. It was a pretty hard fought game and I was looking forward to overtime after FL mismanaged the clock at the end. I’ll be damned if the Hail Mary didn’t work. The picture of the 2 TN fans in only suspenders was classic!

    The tree at the Ben Hilton is big! We were dragging debris out to the street much of the morning (which was picked up later Saturday afternoon!) and Sunday I went back to try and cut up the trunk. After 3 cuts, my chain saw gave up. I let him get a bit too hot and he didn’t want to start back up. Once he cooled off and we were back home, he started right back up. It’s all he can do to cut this thing- at only 16″ I’ve got to cut on both sides, as it’s a minimum of 24″.

    I’ll be in your neighborhood tomorrow Barb as Cisco is having a “dog and pony” show at Sun Trust Park. Even includes the ball game, but Games meetings are weekly, so that’s a non-starter.

    Travel safe Paulie.


  2. bob says:

    I played lumberjack this weekend too. Big Creek had 25+ trees down over the trails, we had close to 30 people show up for a work party. 4 chainsaw crews made quick work of it all and we were done by lunch. Apparently I didn’t get enough chainsawing so started clearing my back yard to get ready for some grading. I’m tired and have poison oak rash but it was a fun weekend!

    Barb, I’ll be in your hood too on Thursday. Doing Cyber Wargames and lunch at the new stadium followed by a game in the vendor suite. Should be fun.

    Big sportball week for me too as I will be at the Atlanta United game on Wednesday.

    Travel safe Paulie

    • Barb says:

      well damn- typed a long post on my phone (while I was at lunch) & guess it didn’t post.

      Allan will be at the ATL UTD game working Wed – text him your seats, and maybe he can come visit.

  3. Back ITP. Good drive home.

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