A Different Approach

I’m slowing my roll today. Instead of rushing into the office I am lying in bed, under the covers to ward off the chill that has arrived inside the ITP Estate — I don’t dare even think about using the heat at this time of year — and considering breakfasting somewhere prior to blessing “XYZ Corp” with my presence. Unlike most other days I shan’t be leaving the office early either, which is why I have little concern to get in any time soon.

A Good Walk Foiled
My walk back to the M6 yesterday was glorious, even though not a single photograph was created during it. The weather couldn’t have been nicer as I strolled through Piedmont Park and down the Beltline. I even managed to go straight past The Albert without stopping this week. I had a bigger fish to fry! Well, metaphorically speaking at least.

I hoofed nearly 5k (that’s 3.1 miles) with the idea of walking past the M6 and heading for an early dinner at Fox Bros BBQ; I love Fox Bros’ food, but the parking has always been an issue for me. Most times I wind up parked far away on Elmira and having to walk back to the restaurant. I figured that if I could force myself to walk the extra quarter-mile and arrive on foot that I would have executed a perfect plan. However, in my world the perfect plan rarely gets executed; this time a revolt from my body as I marched up the final uphill before reaching the M6 ended my crusade. True, it was still early enough to find parking at Fox Bros, but by that time I decided that I probably shouldn’t gorge on a pile of barbecued meat.

Instead, I gorged on chips, salsa, and a burrito at Elmyriachi once I drove there.

ITP Flickr Pic
“I Wish I Had Editing Chops” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

I Wish I Had Editing Chops
If I had better editing skills I’d love to clone out the conduit you can see peeking through the pattern made by this lamp. This is one of the many interesting design choices that I found inside the MB Dome the other day.

Stare deeply into the photo…
Stare deeper…
And deeper…

You Are Getting Sleepy…
There were still many hours in a normal adult’s evening when I arrived at home after eating dinner. All day I was champing at the bit to get home and do some development work and German homework. I was going to be productive!

And the I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8:30pm last night.
I nearly slept through the entire night.
I am well on my way to being a real old person.
Get off my weeds!

Have a great Thursday everyone.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to A Different Approach

  1. Breakfasting (eating enough to suffice at lunch) at Folk Art. Trying not to eavesdrop on the two young ladies a few tables over who are recounting their dating lives. Eat enough meals at restaurants alone and you become very good at eavesdropping.

    These attractive young ladies might as well be aliens to me because the stories they are recounting, and the number of people they apparently dated, is a foreign concept to me.

  2. Barb says:

    still insane here – I was over 40 hours yesterday, with 2 days to go.
    the “help” they brought in form Chicago this week has been helpful, as they know how to use our system.
    the 3 temps are just in the way – 1 is doing pretty good, 1 is quiet & I don’t deal with her much, and the last is ANNOYING and not very smart. I hope they get rid of #3, she’s not worth keeping in my opinion.
    (I’m on hold with the RR, so I have time to read & type)

    Today is Sal’s birthday – might have to see what she’s up to tonight.
    Or- Parrothead HH at The Wing – too busy to plan dinner, and I’ve been staying so late, unless it was in a crockpot…….. it wouldn’t work.
    Hopefully once its November this insaneness will get better.
    (damn Megan for getting pregnant……… just kidding of course)

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