Changed batteries in smoke detectors on Sunday, bedroom detector gave a false-positive alarm this morning. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  1. Barb says:

    another day, another dollar.
    now my boss is hiring people, we still don’t have time to train, but now it is real hires & not temps. So, in my opinion, if they are worthless, we will have a harder time getting rid of them.
    And- it will slow down come December, so then we will have too many people.
    I JUST DON’T GET IT. They do everything so reactive, and watch, once it slows down, then they will lay someone off.

    Wet n Dry (and old hasher friend from Hedon & other travel hashes) will be here Thursday thru Saturday, she is flying out to Malaysia & other places for a couple months. Allan told her in Phoenix we’d store her truck while she was gone.
    We will be eating red meat for 2 days, because she said that is something you just never get over there.

    the Gill warehouse sale (mostly sailing clothing) is Saturday – up near Lake Lanier. I don’t know why we go every year, we spend too much money, but we always find cool new jackets, etc. for a good deal. Allan just loves it, he can find things in his size for a reasonable price. I do love my fleece & other jackets I’ve gotten. Wet n Dry is excited to tag along.

  2. Steve says:

    The car was dropped at the new shop this morning and they have already called in with a status- 2 tires and a front end alignment! Already impressed.

    I had a little more than a mile to get to the bus this morning- just a busy four lane and a narrow bridge over the creek. In the dark, with very little reflective clothing (none). I though about riding my bike, but then I would have had all that to contend with.

    Debbie is heading towards Auburn this morning to donate horse blankets to a rescue down there, then meet the hunt for breakfast.

    Paulie, what did the doctor say?


    • Haven’t seen one yet, though not for lack of trying. Doctor office I called Monday told me yesterday that they are not accepting new patients.

      So as long as I add new daily sheets, I’m still among the living.

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