Given today’s predicted lousy weather and the fact that Dumb Donald will be in town, perhaps we should cancel the National Championship Game and just have no winner this year.

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  1. Stacy says:

    I’d prefer to cancel the weather and the president.

  2. Steve says:

    I anxiously await the OrangeOne, weather, and football game- not necessarily in that order.

    Let’s see… went shopping for a leather jacket Friday evening (fail) and came out to a car that wouldn’t start, or make a noise, or anything. Determined the replaced ground wire was loose and twisted it just so to allow for contact and starting. Had a lovely birthday dinner at “Momma Lucia’s”. We had been some years ago and wasn’t impressed, but the last couple of times we went, they really did well. We were even sitting at the bar, which netted us bonus wine and almost a free bourbon! Almost.

    Saturday saw Brady appliance delivery in operation. My sister had already done the stove, but needed beef and a truck for the ‘fridge. It took longer to wait for the “shop” to wait on us and load it than it did for us to drive to the Ben Hilton, unload and install. We also got a second offer on the house, in case contestant #1 fails to come through for some reason. BONUS!

    Sunday was in the orafice. Then a few chores.


    • You put appliances into the Ben Hilton? I always thought that they were not included unless specifically mentioned in the contract.

      Second offer? Heck of a birthday gift!

      • Steve says:

        And they were requested in the contract. They had been there and were taken out by “enterprising” relatives and I thought it might be a mistake. Apparently, some FHA loans require appliances- who knew?

        Now if we pass the inspection tomorrow, it should all be smooth sailing.

    • Debbie Brady says:

      Who twisted the wires just right and fixed it?? 😁

      I rode my horse both days in the cold. Yesterday was the colder ride of the 2 and I almost came off over a jump. I really wish there was video because it was an epic save. I was hanging on to his neck seeing the ground in my future, but he threw his head up and tossed me back in the saddle. Lots of carrots for him!

      Leaving tomorrow for work travel. I’m 7 years out of practice so I’m sure there will be forgotten items. Miami next week so I’ll have 2 test runs before we leave for Ireland!

      Go Dawgs! Go away Cheeto!

  3. bob says:

    Due to his Orangeness and football game and weather, schools were cancelled today. Travis has been home for 2 weeks, I am ready for him to go back to school!

  4. I am doing the City of Atlanta a “favor” and maintaining my developer diva status in the process by working from the ITP Estate today.

  5. Barb says:

    Allan – being a non essential city employee – is at home sleeping. The weather right now is the same as it has been for a week- where’s this freezing rain???
    He does have to work this evening/tonight -so its good he can get some extra sleep. I’m guessing he won’t be able to get home until 1-2am.

    Weekend was interesting, I headed to Athens for a our good friend Annette father’s funeral, which wasn’t a funeral, it was just a visitation. We hung out in a room that was too small for the # of people, and just shot the shit.
    Then hung out at her parents house for a while, (neighbors did an excellent spread of funeral food) then off to a hotel in downtown Athens to shoot the shit (and drink) more. Had a nice dinner at DePalmas – it was fun hanging out with this group of women that I know thru Annette -I think it was a much needed break for her.

    • Ganz Toll!

      In a very un-Germanic lifestyle I have not eaten meat since Cheddarhead; this will change tomorrow. No, I’m not going to become vegetarian, only going to eat less meat. On Saturday night I ate at a restaurant called Green Sprouts, which is a 100% vegan Chinese restaurant under RuSan’s at Piedmont/Monroe. I had a delicious plate of Mongolian “Beef”, about which I could only complain that it wasn’t served piping hot. As fake meat goes, and I too wonder about serving things that are not meat looking like they are meat, it was good.

  6. Steve says:

    So more meat for us! I didn’t know the idioms in German, so those were fun to see.

    I had veal piccata and Debbie had a chicken dish Friday. It was a photo finish to see who’s was better. And calamari to start and an apple tart to finish! All very good.

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