Tuesday Morning Weigh In – 219 pounds. 🙁

I’ve been watching Monk and laughing how technology has changed in a dozen years:
Flip Cellphones
Disposable Film Cameras
CRT Televisions

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  1. After a lot of time sitting in the carport this weekend the M6’s battery really struggled to start the car this morning. It may be time to buy a new battery.

    Also, first German class tonight and the current forecasts is the possibility of snow when class gets out. Ugh.

  2. Steve says:

    A fun and cold weekend foxhunting in Dooly Co. Lots of riding around and very little game. A good dinner Saturday evening at an “enclosed” outdoor banquet space with portable heaters. Allan would have been proud of me- a guy moved one of the heaters closer to his table, unknowingly under some of the drape fabric hanging from the ceiling (think wedding decoration). As I sat there and watched the heat rise enough to move the fabric, I figured this wasn’t safe. As the speechification went on, I hopped up and moved the heater away from the combustible fabric. Several folks “got it” and thanked me afterwards.. earned my “junior fire fighters” badge.

    Managed to get the truck and trailer stuck in the mud just a mile or so from Bear Creek. I was towing a friends 4 wheeler, while he hauled the horses. Went the back way to Bear Creek over the dirt road that was all muddy because of the logging of the same friends property!! Called Debbie and the friends wife, who were already in at BC, but no one had their phone in their pocket. Walked a mile or more before getting a ride the last mile. Extracted truck and trailer after offloading the 4 wheeler. Just more adventure…


  3. Barb says:

    nothing exciting up here in Marietta- did make a half way healthy chicken stir-fry dinner last night – decided I needed some veggies. but I was hungry an hour later……

    We were supposed to be meeting Claire & Darrell tonight (at our house) to install a rack on their Honda Fit – but the threat of weather has postponed that. Now I need to figure out dinner for us tonight – we were planning on going out…….

  4. HamWithCam says:

    My mother passed away peacefully this morning. Complications from the recently fractured leg and dementia. She just turned 92. My sister (the smart one) comes in tonight, We’ll handle details Wed/Thu. No services are planned.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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