Interesting weekend.

Had a fun time seeing a Doors cover band at Venkman’s on Friday night, spent the entirety of Saturday being a bum at home which included watching my adopted German soccer team – Werder Bremen – play another scoreless draw, and failed at all attempts to write code yesterday (analysis paralysis much?).

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  1. steve says:

    Good morning from the pub! Spent the morning selecting hunt horses, now lunch in Waterford, followed by a stop at the bike shop.

    Flight over was fairly uneventful, except for running into TJ at the airport. We almost missed the connection in Chicago- why would you have to leave security to get to international? When the gang had just gotten there dinner when the p/a makes “final call…” you scurry.

    Hotel is very nice.


  2. Oh yeah, Barb the RAGBRAI route has been announced and it’s going through central Iowa again.

    • Barb says:

      yes – we haven’t really discussed it – but I’m thinking about starting in Ames Tuesday night (might be fun to spend the night in my college town 30 years later) and finishing in Iowa City (skipping Saturday). 3 days of riding.
      I need to get in touch with Team Wimpy to see if they have a RAGBRAI LITE option, but I’d think they be all about us paying some money to haul our stuff for just a couple days. does that sound interesting to you?

  3. HamWithCam says:

    Who else thought last nights Grammy Awards show was awesome!

    Irony: Politically charged irrelevant music industry awards show that caters specifically to a demographic (teens and Millenials) that are far too tech-savvy to actually “pay for music”. Or listen to the radio. That’s two strikes.

    BTW: Wasn’t Secretary Clinton’s cameo especially delightful? From presidential heir-apparent to a punch line in some cheap shot political satire piece aimed at the guy that actually won. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. (Oh, sorry. “Russians….”)

    In other news, we had a decent weekend. including breakfast Sunday at OK Cafe (of course, I had the burger).

    I also had a (rare) flash of inspiration and am mulling over a reasonably original (and easy/simple/cheap) photography project. If this thing comes to fruition, I stand to become as popular (and viral) as Catlanta or Evereman. <– See what I did there? John can tease too.

    Make it a great week eddybody es 73 de JG/HamWithCam

  4. Steve says:

    Waterford crystal Tour, then another tack shop!! Dinner in town. First hunt tomorrow.

    Grammys? Wouldn’t know anyone except some of the presenters- maybe.

    • Barb says:

      U2 did a song outside – near the Statue of Liberty.
      After that – most of the people they were talking about -I barely know who they are.

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