Lazy start to my day. I really need to get moving.

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  1. Barb says:

    Good morning –
    I forgot to mention yesterday – we actually went on a road bike ride Tuesday night!
    I’m not in shape at all for Spring Tune Up, but at least I rode my bike.
    Paulie – are you getting there Thursday? we are trying to plan out who will be there, and grill or cook something. Bob will be there with his camper too, so we will have plenty of ways to cook dinner.

    • I’ll be out there Thursday afternoon. I’ll bring food and camping gear, and beer of course.

      • Barb says:

        Once we figure out a “menu” I’ll let you know.
        I know Kim (wet n dry) is bring a black bean/corn salad (or is it a dip?).
        I told Bob we’d try to coordinate something – Sal and Joe (F*ckeye) will also be there Thursday night.

        • Cool. I will probably be on a vegetarian day Thursday, so I will bring veggie hotdogs/hamburgers and a side to share. Friday and Saturday will be my two meat days the week.

        • bob says:

          Once I get through Ragnar weekend I can start thinking about a menu for next weekend.
          Barb, I’ll ping you when I get back and we can come up with a plan.

        • And it’s supposed to rain this weekend, so I will need to set up my tent after coming home on Sunday so it can dry out for Thursday. Weeeeeeee!

          • bob says:

            I hate that too, you come home from camping tired as hell but still have an hours worth of work to do cleaning and drying.

            At least I used to hate that, now I’m all contained in a big red box 🙂

          • Barb says:

            we still have the pop outs for the beds, so we occasionally have to open it back up after camping if its been wet, but that’s about it! There are some advantages to spending the big bucks on a camper.

  2. Barb says:

    And – I’ve have figured out America just can’t figure out the Roundabout. I now have to drive thru one every day to work, and it never ceases to amaze me how people don’t understand how it works. They completely stop, they don’t go when there is an opening, it just makes me laugh.

  3. Traffic sucks this morning, or maybe this is normal for this time of day? If I didn’t have so much food at work I would stop for breakfast.

  4. Steve says:

    A fairly quiet evening- I had a date with a PhD- post hole digger! Put in the end post for the electric line on the new enclosure. Up a little early this morning as I took the bus into town.

    Tonight, Eddie’s Attic for Scottish fiddler Alastair Fraser and cello Natalie Haas. They play lovely listening music as well as driving jigs and reels. (insert good Scottish yell!)

    Our normal roundabout is at 16 and 54 on the way to PTC or Mexican. Most people get it, but there was a learning curve. They are all over the place in Ireland- glad I had a spotter as it was a little complicated doing them backwards!


    • Well, hell’s bells! You will see me at Eddie’s Attic. I’ve had a ticket for this show for months.

      • Steve says:

        Wait. WHAT?

        • I am an enigma. 😉

        • Barb says:

          sounds like a party!
          but we won’t be there.

          • Steve says:

            Then it won’t be a party! Once I saw they were coming and close to our anniversary, I bought a table. Had I known YOU were interested, we might have invited you to join us. We’re meeting our friends at 6 but I may be available before then for a libation at some Decatur watering hole.

          • It’s all good. Since I am not going to have time to exercise today I might as well have a beverage before the show. Name the location and time and as will see you there.

            We are getting free lunch today. Of course, because I have food I should eat! I guess I will wait to see what they are buying, and if needed can save my food until Monday’s lunch.

  5. HamWithCam says:

    “We’re meeting our friends at 6 but I may be available before then for a libation at some Decatur watering hole.”

    – Brick Store
    – You don’t have to pay (to park) after 6:00pm.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  6. Barb says:

    OH YEAH – one other thing I learned yesterday – we actually have to use a typewriter here occasionally. We have official documents that have to have info added, and be signed & dated, but some of the information can not be hand written. I haven’t used a typewriter since college, but at least I sort of remember some of the basics.

  7. Steve says:

    I think John for the win! Brick Store at 5 if you can.

  8. Free lunch was Jason’s Deli sandwiches, so I passed. Now trying to abstain from eating a cupcake.

  9. Also, still suffering medically and should probably get to a doctor soon. Dangen

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