Fourteen years ago today I started writing this blog. Huh.

As always I am wishing I were in better health, feeling my age and genetics today. I guess this will always be the case…

Happy Columbus Day. Is that a “thing” any longer, or are we supposed to buy each other “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” cards now?

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  1. Stacy Fox says:

    I wish I had thought of that. I love sending random stuff to people in the mail.
    Wonder what an Indigenous People Day greeting card would look like though.

    Stellar weekend! Went to Lula Lake Land Trust on Saturday (read: waaaaaaay OTP) to hike some waterfalls. It’s a place only open to the public the first and last weekends of the month, and then only May-November. It was quite lovely. Sunday I did a civil war walking tour in the morning and then met a friend up at Midway Pub for the most delicious breakfast burger I’ve had in a long time. Messy, messy goodness. We were actually there to watch the Packers game (she being a Lions fan and our teams playing each other) but that turned out to be a fiasco. 😉 Still. I forget how much I love Midway. It’s just an all-around good crowd.

    • Barb says:

      Watched a little of the Packers game, it was as awful as the Falcons.
      But, Browns won, 1st Sunday win in over 2 years I think the announcer said.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m enjoying celebrating Columbus Day from a horizontal position still but I’m about to get moving and head to the Home Depot where I need to buy some sticks to build something for the games. Debbie is gone and won’t be back until Thursday so I have myself to move the next couple of days.

    Worked in the hot sun Saturday moving bleachers at Stone Mountain and then delivered a plastic garden shed we no longer use on the field to a guy down here in Clayton County that does a lot with rescue animals and he will find a use for it.

    Delicious gas station Mexican food Saturday evening (no I’m not kidding). Breakfast yesterday at huddle and then a ride home. Only 20 miles but it kicked my butt. Take a quick drive over to see Debbie’s mom then a quiet evening at home.

    Stacy the next time they have the battle of Atlanta tour I’d love to go. As long as I’ve lived in Atlanta I have never really been aware of all of the location but I know they are vast.


    • Stacy Fox says:

      He actually splits up the tour now since there is so much to cover. I did the “east side” ON the actual anniversary (July 22nd) — that’s all over EAV. And the “west side” was yesterday, reaching from Jimmy Carter Center to Oakland Cemetery. It seriously was fascinating. I’ve always loved history and civil war stuff and it was so so cool to have a lot of the pieces filled in.

  3. Barbara says:

    Greetings from Iowa.
    It’s been cold & rainy, not even getting to 60 degrees the past 2 days.
    It’s still raining, but should get to mid 70s today, just in time to fly home.
    Got a little accomplished mom & dad wise, trying to organize & clean out some stuff, it’s a battle. Connie is here until Thursday, she will attempt to get more done.

    My idiot brother is a hoarder of junk, the basement is getting more & more filled with junk, Bikes (he says he will fix to sell, but doesn’t have the parts or tools, and the parts probably don’t exist anyway) there was a reason they were thrown out. So much other crap, and it’s seriously crap. It is so aggravating what he is doing (stress wise) to my parents.
    We are focusing on upstairs, as they may have to move someday, my Dads health isn’t all that great. They refuse to really consider moving, but we are trying to at least make them think about it.

    • steve says:

      So hard to deal with- children becoming the parents. Set some time lines for your brother- make then generous, but stick to them. Roll off containers rent cheap!

      • Barb says:

        We are thinking a date of my Dads birthday. April 7, 2019.
        Just trying to get everyone on the bandwagon.

        The notes my Dad puts on things in these files is amazing, we’ve figured out he started getting “lazy” about March this year.

  4. Barb says:

    I just fixed my moms washer! Well really, it was getting no power. Found out (via the internet) sometimes it just needed to be reset, unplug it for a few minutes, then plug it back in. Now it works! I’m amazing I tell ya!

  5. Bonnie says:

    I for one am glad this blog is here and I can interact with all you fine folks (or sometimes just lurk 😉). And there’s enough old reading material to last me for quite a while to come… Who needs the library?

    Paulie, some exercise tonight will hopefully pep you up! 🙌🏻

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