Interesting recipe, I’ll give it a “B+“ for flavor but only a “D” texture as the dish was mushy. I think that in order to get this more like a Biryani, in which each grain of rice is separate, I needed to prepare the rice differently. I’ll try again when the mood strikes me.

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  1. barb says:

    Since I’m not an Indian food fan – I have no idea what Biryani is.

    I found an orange dress for Saturday last night – so I can go to the hash now if I choose to go. Still not sure I want to go, I may have other things to do, but, who knows.

    We are thinking about doing a bike ride from East Cobb to Roswell by the river tonight, if it isn’t raining. I think I saw rain in the forecast?
    Paulie – we will figure out how to get you your bike.

    • A biryani is a lot like a rice pilaf, except in my case it was a big mush albeit a tasty mush.

      It may rain, who knows anymore.

      No rush on my bike as I can’t ride this weekend. My friend Tamara from Edmonton is flying into Atlanta on Sunday and departing on Tuesday. For some reason she’s okay with staying at the ITP Estate, so I am going to try and make it a little less guest hostile.

      • Barb says:

        Can’t wait to hear about Tamara staying with you…….

        If you want to come up tonight – its not supposed to rain after dark -we will leave the house somewhere between 5:30-6 to ride (if we do it). Or I’m guessing I’ll be home tomorrow evening. (hash HH is down in your ‘hood – doubt I’ll driver down there)
        I’m sure whatever we have for dinner will have meat in it……..but does seafood really count as meat?

    • Stacy Fox says:

      Last night I plotted “trail” for the shooting star, which means I’m definitely doing Orange Dress since it starts where that one ends — how much later after circle closes, I have no idea. I will definitely have to pace myself though. I can’t do this all-day kinda drinking like I used to… nor do I even really want to anymore!… so it’ll be easy to pace. It blows my mind these folks who are doing events for this 4-and-5 days in a row! Where do they get the energy? I’ll do the events on Saturday, that’s it. Though, with all due respect, the fact that all of the events costs are going to charity (multiple sclerosis) is really pretty dang cool so I’m glad I’m involved with at least a little part of it.

      Sunday is Atlanta Streets Alive and it’s the portion of Peachtree right near my house so I’m planning to pop over for that instead. You folks with bikes should come by!

      • Barb says:

        if I can talk Allan into Streets Alive, I will, but I think he plans on starting some demo on the kitchen.

        I can’t believe I found a orange dress last night – for a whole $3. It isn’t as bright of orange as I’d like, but hey – there really isn’t that many orange dresses to pick from. (red dress is so much easier to find new dresses)

  2. Guess today is a “meat day” as I have agreed to go for sushi with coworkers. Not a whole lot of vegetarian options abound.

    We are going to Wagaya. It appears I could eat vegetarian. It also appears as if this will be a pricey lunch. Oh well.

  3. Barb says:

    $4.04 burritos and burrito bowls at Willy’s today – in case you need some cheap eats today.
    (Stacy is slacking on the letting us know these things…. hahahahahaha)

    • Huh.

      My lunch was delicious, however $4.04 is less than what I left as a tip. 😢

      • barb says:

        sushi – or at least the sushi I select is NEVER cheap.

        • Steve says:

          Where was this sushi place? I’m always up for sushi.

          Late to the blog as I came in late and have swung from one meeting to the next.

          I think things in Miami are ready to go and I should have a busy 2 day.

          I saw Streets Alive was in the ‘hood. Maybe we can bring Lola?? I remember doing it with Farley and we all had a great time.


        • Wagaya is on 14th Street near State.

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