I am in the office at 6:30am, mostly because I didn’t start watching the rugby game that started an hour ago [whoops those games are tomorrow!]. Unfortunately I don’t think that an early departure will accompany my early arrive due to meetings scheduled for this afternoon.

And, if you are a fan of the 99% Invisible podcast, or if you have never heard of it, you should check out this week’s episode. Why? Because this episode is about the American sculptor Noguchi, whose iconic coffee table you’ve undoubtedly seen in magazines, and who was the designer of that odd-looking playground in Piedmont Park.

Here is a photo of part of the slide that I took nearly twelve years ago(!) before the playground was renovated.
Unsafe At Any Speed

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19 Responses to 2019-04-24

  1. Steve says:

    In the office at 6:30? That’s crazy- ask me how I know!!

    Mahindra and I spent some quality time in the pastures last night. Some areas were so short, you could barely tell where you had cut and other areas were so long I had to slow the speed of the mower so I didn’t stall it out. I hit the high spots and did some other selective mowing. The boys were no help when I started- “Hey, lets follow dad around and get in his way!”

    Hopefully tonight there will be exercise.

    Looking forward to seeing some at Rose’s tomorrow.


  2. Barb says:

    We went to see Captain Marvel last night- not sure why, but Studio Movie Grill near out house had the seats at $5.30 each – instead of the $14+ per seat at AMC Parkway Point. It was nice to get a beer served to us at our seats (before the movie started), but the people around us that come in right before the movie & keep ordering is kind of annoying, I don’t need waitstaff blocking my view.

    Tonight- I get the food together & get packed for camping.

  3. For the second time in three weeks I walked someone into Colony Square so they could find Goethe or the French Alliance. I feel like a self-appointed Midtown Ambassador. 😂

    • Steve says:

      I always keep an eye out for lost tourists and they always seem to find me.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      I get the downtown tourists all the time with this. I like it. 🙂 I like to think it means I’m approachable.

      • Steve says:

        And just now as I was across the street from the bank coming back from lunch, a lady asked me where she could catch the CCT bus- of course she needed money for the bus as well, but I directed her at least.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Rode the new bike to Atlanta Cycling for its 100(ish)-mile / Spring Tune Up adjustments. 92 actual miles clocked; +/-100 miles currently. All good to go. They also adjusted my seat angle and grips angle. And showed me how to remove a thru axle wheel (why I didn’t remove the wheel and drive it there, LOL, but it’s too pretty to drive anyway). I’m sure I could have removed the wheel but it wasn’t worth the risk if I fucked up something and crashed. Bought some new gloves too. Why is everything in the biking world so tight / form-fitting? (I know why, I just don’t like it…)

    • Barb says:

      gloves don’t have to be tight – just need to buy a bigger size. I can’t wear tight gloves on my road bike, my hands get numb either way, tight gloves make it worse.

      • Bonnie says:

        Hmmmm well the guy told me they should be tight. He watched me try on a medium then said I need a small. He also said there is an unconditional 30-day return policy, even if worn, so I guess I’ll test them out at STU and see… I’ll also bring my old non-padded fitness gloves I’ve been using too.

  5. barb says:

    Beware of Kroger today – its the last day of some specials – and they already changed some prices back to full price in the system, but of course haven’t pulled the tags.
    So – I caught 1 item that I knew the price that rang up was wrong, but who knows how many more there were wrong. (got $8 back, but it took way to long to play that game).

    this made me think- I need to learn to use the scan & go apps – then you are right there when you scan it – I think you can see that the price on the shelf would be wrong?

  6. Aw fuck, Orange Man is speaking in downtown and they have shut down the southbound connector at the Grady curve. 🤬🤬🤬

  7. Steve says:

    It’s always nice to MARTA, but it will be especially nice today.

    Barb, we’ve tried the Scan and Go at our Kroger. Fairly simple, but a little bit weird if you delete something. And if you catch a price difference, I don’t know what you do. I think I noticed one last time but didn’t say anything. And they were out of bags, so we still had to bag everything at checkout.

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