Well, we are into June, which by my always-faulty math means another quarter of the year has come and gone.

Fun fact I learned this weekend. Australia’s seasons are determined by monthly quarters and not the solstices/equinoxes. So on June 1st they entered “Winter” while our “Summer” doesn’t begin until later this month.

After a fun, but not as fun prom as last year’s, I beat myself up yesterday doing five miles of suspect creek and poison-ivy filled trail for Hog Mountain. I suppose had I not fallen asleep so early last night, early enough to have me awake and in the office by 5:30am again today, I would really be suffering. My dream is that none of the ivy trough which I traipsed yesterday found its way to my sensitive skin.

May Summary

For a month during which I hoped to exercise daily, there was far too much lethargy; I’ll blame the rain, and then the heat.

05/01 – ?, V, jogging/walking (2.79 miles, 34.28) 😕
05/02 – ?, V* (ate one shrimp), hashing 🙂
05/03 – ?, V, jogging/walking (2.79 miles, 36:00) 😕
05/04 – ?, V, manual labor (lawn mowing), hashing 😀
05/05 – ?, M, walking 😕
05/06 – ?, V, hashing 🙂
05/07 – 212.4, V, nothing 😢
05/08 – ?, V* (dinner had chicken stock), nothing 😢
05/09 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/10 – ?, V, walking 😕
05/11 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/12 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/13 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/14 – 212.0, V, nothing 😢
05/15 – ?, V, jogging/walking (3.5 miles, 47:12) 😕
05/16 – ?, V, jogging/walking (3.25 miles, 39:19) 🙂
05/17 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/18 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/19 – ?, M, yard work, cycling/hashing 😀
05/20 – ?, V, walking (2.35 miles, 45:00) 😕
05/21 – 212.6, V, nothing 😢
05/22 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/23 – ?, M, nothing 😢
05/24 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/25 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/26 – ?, M, hashing 😀
05/27 – ?, V, walking 🙂
05/28 – 214.2, V, walking 😕
05/29 – ?, M, nothing 😢
05/30 – ?, V, nothing 😢
05/31 – ?, M, nothing 😢

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11 Responses to 2019-06-03

  1. Today is WWDC Keynote Monday, which as an software developer for Apple-related technology always makes me giddy.

  2. Steve says:

    I saw the DC was going on and wondered if that wouldn’t be worth your time at some point.

    It was a long, hot weekend. 26 miles of road Friday, and I was welcomed home by the county road graders making a soft mess of our road. Friday evening spent listening to a friends band at Manchester Arms in CPk. They built an outdoor stage and pavilion which was a great spot to listen. The wait staff of 1 was overwhelmed, and without any sort of wireless communication to the kitchen/bar or registers, had to run back and forth to the building. He was young and fit, so that helped.

    I think we vegged all day Saturday, except for a scooter ride. Sunday had me parked in the McDonalds parking lot for 3 hours on a New Orleans upgrade. I thought about sitting inside, but was more comfortable in the car. 23 miles on the CX bike- the county has been busy on more than just our road.


    • Since becoming an iOS developer this day has always been a big one for me. I’ve never been a worthy-enough developer for making the actual trip to San Jose (or San Francisco when it was held there).

      “New Orleans upgrade”? This is work-related or a euphemism?

      • Steve says:

        No, it’s exactly as I said- an upgrade for the New Orleans switches. I was lending moral support mostly. Boots on the ground were required for testing.

  3. HamWithCam says:

    RIP Apple iTunes (Legit overdue).
    “Why, when I was your age, we listened to music ply playing these things we called “albums”…” (“Get off my lawn!”) 🙂

    Two events are on my calendar, near term.

    – 2019 “Blade Show” (Cobb Galleria, this Friday, Saturday, Sunday). World’s largest. All things “knives”, over 1,000 exhibitors, manufacturers, suppliers, custom knife makers and collectors.

    – Atlanta “Streets Alive”, this Sunday June 9th, “Decatur to Atlanta” (Whoa!)
    I plan to give it a shot.

    Pro tip for the poison ivy:
    1) Cover your skin (with clothing) prior to possible exposure.
    2) Do not touch the clothing after exposure.
    3) Avoid areas where open burning of poison ivy plant material is occurring.

    Have a fun week eddybody.
    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  4. Barb says:

    Greetings from Superior. It’s 51 out there now. A little chilly.
    Yesterday morning my brother Tom & I went & watched a loooongggg ship leave the harbor filled with coal, it was 1014 ft long.
    Then to a high school graduation party with a ton of people we didn’t know, but it was nice.
    Made dinner here at the rental house, my brother & wife & a couple of their friends came over after their many parties to socialize.
    Tonight we will be eating all kinds of leftovers from yesterday’s party.
    (It’s all here because we gave an empty fridge)

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