A weekend dedicated to hashing with reccying on Saturday and running an abbreviated Black Sheep yesterday. The Black Sheep was interrupted by an unforecasted thunderstorm which scared more than one of us while running trail. Thankfully there were no weather-related injuries to report.

Tonight I will be skipping hashing choosing to see a show at The EARL instead.

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3 Responses to 2019-06-24

  1. Steve says:

    I was finally able to cut the grass Saturday after getting 20 on the CX bike. The roads have started to improve- the gravel has sunk into the dirt and smoothed out. I wore my Muscle Mountain Mania jersey and remembered about halfway through that that jersey doesn’t breath worth a crap! I was sweating profusely by the end. And it was hot as well.

    Saturday evening, a concert by our favorite guitar player celebrating his 30 years in Newnan. We had not been to that auditorium before. Good acoustics, big stage, about 600 seats. Apparently they get big names but don’t advertise much.

    Sunday we loaded in for Debbie’s week at the GWCC. Meetings mostly, but a big trade show (lumber machinery and such) and hopefully I can get down to see it Thursday. Dusted off the scooter last night- reconnected the O2 sensor previously found disconnected- could not tell a difference. I’ll be researching that.

    What part of the world are you laying your BS?


  2. Barb says:

    I kept pretty busy all weekend – Allan worked all weekend. (he was in Paulie’s ‘hood on Saturday – a few drunks kept them busy Sat night)
    Saturday went upholstery fabric shopping for the bench seat we will be building in the kitchen, there is way too many choices. I’m going to have to drag all into one of those stores someday so we can decide.
    Did the AH4 hash that afternoon – short-ish trail, about 3 miles, which was plenty in the heat. I think I may have avoided the PI – but not sure yet.

    Sunday went for a hike with Vanessa (HoPo) & Donna (Breaststroke) instead of Black Sheep. Needed to oil prime the old door that goes from the mud room to the kitchen, it has 60 year old stain on it. I procrastinated as long as I could, but finally got it done.
    Dinner then with a friend Sunday night.

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