Happy Friday all.

Fun day of drinking, eating a month’s worth of meat, and watching fireworks in EAV.

Today I am (currently) eating breakfast at Homegrown and will be visiting a Kroger DMV kiosk to attempt tag renewal.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday will be Black Sheep! Anxious about laying a long, shiggy trail, but all will be fine.

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7 Responses to 2019-07-05

  1. Drove to “proper” Kroger only to find its printer isn’t working, so the whole benefit of walking away with my sticker is fucked. How goddamn maddening! 😡

  2. Steve says:

    A fairly low key day yesterday. We were about to leave for breakfast when Debbie got word the niece was on her way to Egleston with the baby and Debbie needed to come look after mom. (All is fine with the baby- just a case of rookie parents).

    I went and dusted off the scooter to breakfast and back home. Since she might not have made it home prior to the party, I made brownies to take. We were able to make it to the party- fox hunting friends around the corner for a nice dinner and laughs.

    Came home just after dark and the dogs were on full DevCon1 alert. The neighbors were doing their best to support the Chinese fireworks industry. The other neighbor’s dog, Lillie, came and spent the night inside while the artillery was going off.

    Debbie is off horse shopping Sunday, so there is a slim chance of my appearance at BS.


  3. Barb says:

    we actually went mtn biking yesterday – 1sttime in forever for me.
    it was hot, but I survived.
    Went to Crip Teaser’s pool for a few hours in the afternoon, odd assortment of hashers, it was fun.
    then to dinner at some other friends – home in & bed by 10pm, plenty of fireworks going off in the neighborhood, but that didn’t stop me from falling asleep.

    I’m single these next 2 days – trying to decide if the Slutty/SoCo should be attended tonight (its close to the ‘hood) or if I should go with some other friends to see a guy singing at Shezmu Cellars – a new wine bar/brewery nearby as well.

  4. Steve says:

    We had an extra horse this morning!! You know horses are herd animals- well one took off in all the excitement last night from around the corner and when Debbie went to find ours (when they wouldn’t come to breakfast, there she was and Phinney was in love! A quick shout out to the FB world had a neighbor from around the corner reporting she was missing one. All are back home and Phinney is only slightly broken hearted. Easy come, easy go.

  5. I have a new level of hatred for the DMV today. I went to a second Kroger this afternoon. After helping the man ahead of me complete his transaction and seeing his sticker print I started my attempt. Lo and behold, I couldn’t get mine done because this kiosk displayed a printer error too. WTF!?!?

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