I went to a hash campout and a family reunion broke out! Busted Cherry said he’s been inviting his family to join us for five years, and this year they all decided to do so. It was, a little bizarre.

Friday night’s Southern Comfort trail about killed me. It took Glory Mole and me over two hours to go up, down, and around many hillsides of Lake Allatoona; somehow trail was “only” 3.2 miles long. It was so hot and humid that I drank 1.5 liters of water while doing trail.

I needed a respite on Saturday, so I skipped Pine Lake’s trail. This was a mixed blessing because though I had some Fear Of Missing Out, a handful of hashers got stung by yellow jackets.

Glory Mole and I bucked up again to be two of five people who ran yesterday’s Hog Mountain trail, which was thankfully accidentally abbreviated in length.

Good times all around, just very different than last year.

Thinking I need another recovery night and am probably going to skip Moonlite.

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  1. I’m still not satisfied with my camping setup, though my new $20 one-burner Coleman butane stove worked great! I need to rethink the organization of my camping gear yet again…

  2. Barb says:

    I had breakfast with Breaststroke Saturday, she told me that a bunch of Busted’s family was going – I thought -that will be weird…………..

    Was it a very big crowd? (other than the family?)

    I laid low most of the weekend.
    Hiked Saturday morning, then didn’t do much but a little house stuff the rest of the weekend. Allan was exhausted Sunday, so we spent the day watching Bosch on Amazon Prime.
    I see my Sony TV is too “old” to keep supporting Amazon Prime, so we will have to buy a Fire Stick soon. That really annoys me about these Smart TVs. (hulu went away a while back as well)

    • As a hash campout it was poorly attended. Some people had to leave Saturday, and others left before trail on Sunday. Yesterday’s SOB trail had four hares (Licola, her man, and his two kids) and three hounds?

      • Barb says:

        It wasn’t advertised enough earlier – that would have helped the attendance I’m sure.
        and – its a Busted weekend…….

    • I did have fun though.

      And one of Busted’s family have a cool little pizza oven and cooked some small pies for us yesterday.

  3. Steve says:

    Good morning from SLC. Departing to the start in an hour. A little walking/running/ sightseeing yesterday, then meetings and more meetings. Ready for some actual racing.

    We’ve determined our departures home may be a CF, as we are supposed to be staying in Park City Sunday, but of the 4 judges, I have the latest departure at 8:30, with the first being at 5. And 2 cars to return, but not to the airport. Hoping the organization can get us back here at the Sheraton. Stay tuned.


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