Today is another getaway day, so naturally I am starting it off at the Waschsalon.

Before heading over to Betsy’s house last night I pushed the lawn mower around in an attempt to level the grass and weeds.

It was my turn to cook, so I pulled together a vegetable lo mein dish in Betsy’s Instant Pot.

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5 Responses to 2019-08-15

  1. Well poop, bad luck has struck me again! While getting in the M6 this morning I noticed that there was a screw in one of its tires. Given that I am going to do a lot of highway driving today I’ll need to get this fixed before I head out.

    • Barb says:

      I went to Discount Tire to see what my warranty was for my tires – I got them at 35,000 miles, I’m at 70,000 & they are looking pretty worn. I know I bounght 50 or 60,000 mile tires. So – I’ve got an appt next week to get 4 new tires, at over 50% off. Aand – there is a nail/screw in 1 tire (lost air pressure in 1 tire while we were in PA, and knew it was something, but its been holding air ok)

  2. I’ll tell you all one thing, if you ever wanted to learn a lot of information about your blood just have some weird chest pains that precipitate multiple blood tests. For me it’s like going back to school, and I am a bit confused by all of the acronyms.

  3. Steve says:

    Yesterday was an interesting day. We had the last sprint before the final climb, so we dropped inas Com 5 to handle the groupetto. Because the climb was longer and steeper than Alp du Eise, there wasn’t one and it was bodies everywhere. As I was holding team cars, I was cussed in 3 languages! Fun! We killed one comm car when it overheated. We turned on our heater to keep the car cool.

    Hope today is easie.


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