Sitting outside the Waschsalon waiting for it to open. I’m not the only one, the attendant appears to be waiting for the keys.

I want to go to SLUT tonight, but because I failed to change my theater ticket for tonight’s performance of “Our Town” at Theatrical Outfit, I’ll be going there instead.

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  1. Here is my strange thought of the day.

    Each time I locate Bermuda on a map I am astonished how far away it is from everything else. How did humans decide “Well, this is far enough to travel, let’s just stay here in the middle of the ocean”?

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I think it was the same kind of people that think “I really want a donkey” and then reality crashes in, “No, I really don’t.” 😉 I mean, seriously, how many times have you said “fuck it, this is good enough” about something in life? That’s what I think happened when they got there. For the children born there, well, that’s home, and so away they went. Also, it might not have been a choice, they could have been shipwrecked.

      To be clear, I’m being snarky about the donkey, but not about the rest.

      And as a follow-up to your GBBS question yesterday, they’re airing each episode this season in the US 3 days after it appears in Britain. I’m sure it’s just Netflix seeing how people respond to not being able to binge.

      • I was thinking the same about Bermuda, but daaamn it’s way out there.

        To be fair to Bermudans (?), I know even less about history than I do geography, and that’s saying a lot about my ignorance.

        I was thinking about Netflix too, but not with the added information you provided, and wondered if they feared the binging habit they helped create (created?) cost them long-time customers.

    • Stacy says:

      It’s hard to find a good pair of casual beach shorts. So once you find them, you stick around.

  2. Steve says:

    Let’s not be dissin’ on the donkey!!

    After some coaxing and a few apple and carrot treats, and just a bit of shoving, the donkey got on the trailer and we delivered her to her new (temporary) digs. She met her new buddies and was completely happy. All’s well…

    And in case you have nothing better to do this weekend, the Yellow Daisy Festival is going on at Stone Mountain. I’ll be out there tomorrow, pimping the Games. Hopefully we have a shady spot, because 90 degrees in your kilt is no fun.


    • Stacy says:

      Nothing better to do?? I’m laying a hash trail this weekend! And yeah, it’s gonna be hot…what was I thinking? But I think that’ll fill my quota for a bit. Laying two hash trails in two weeks! I am ready for some cooler temperatures though so I can enjoy being outdoors more. I’ve always wanted to go to the Yellow Daisy Festival but I keep forgetting when it is and always end up with other plans. 🙁 Booo. When are the Games again?

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Oh, I’m not dissin’ the donkey, she’s not taking shit from anyone. Respect. 😎

  3. If anyone here has an in with Masquerade, or hears of a ticket for sale for the September 24th Orville Peck show, please let me know. I’m late to the party and the show has sold out.

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