Hopefully my frustrating week comes to an end today.

As I mentioned yesterday, last night was supposed to be a night of relaxation. But first, I had to go to Kroger, where I stupidly hit a curb parking. Great, tempt fate with the tires some more…

One of the reasons I had to go to Kroger was to buy the ingredients to make the cheesy andouille sausage grit cakes that I take to Hartwell each year. After cooking, tHese need to be refrigerated overnight. The other was to buy gas for the car.

My plan was to make a vegetarian batch, put it into to the refrigerator, make and eat my dinner, and then make a meat batch and put it into the refrigerator. Including washing up I expected to be done by 8pm, then it would become streaming media time.

The plan started to fall apart as I was preparing the first batch and the electricity in my house went out. Not unusual for my street, I undauntedly put a headlamp on and continued to cook. After all, I couldn’t put the first batch directly into the refrigerator, and I expected the electricity would return within an hour.

After cooking my dinner outside using my portable grill, I started to get concerned. And then the bottom fell out of the evening when I learned that the electricity was out because some shitheads ended their high-speed chase by hitting power poles a few blocks from my house, and Georgia Power estimated electric restoration at 11:45pm.


At 8:30pm I tasted my first batch before dumping it into the trash. There was no way to prepare a second batch.

Oh yeah, more medical exams today!

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12 Responses to 2019-09-26

  1. HamWithCam says:

    That that we survive makes us stronger.

    If your life was easy, then anybody could do it….eh?

    “Make it a nice day…”
    73 de JG/HamWithCam
    “Older, dumber and not as good looking as Paulie…”

  2. Stacy says:

    Did it ever come back on? (hopefully?)

  3. Barb says:

    Yikes! what a frustrating evening.
    We went to the North GA State Fair last night – I was disappointed they didn’t have any livestock – but then as we were leaving we, found that section. But – we were leaving, (the concert would be letting out soon, and didn’t want to sit in traffic forever) so we didn’t wander around looking at animals.
    I did find a pork chop on a stick (not as good as Mr Pork Chop), some roasted corn (made by our boy scout friends), a pretty big pretzel, and some home made ice cream. the Fair is cheap to get in, but after thatn, its not a cheap place to hang out.
    Lee Brice – country singer – was pretty good, we went & hung out for that for a while.
    What a sea of humanity – People of Walmart could take plenty of pictures to add to their site.

    • Steve says:

      The Coweta County Fair wraps up Saturday. We did it once a few years ago- that was enough.

      • Barb says:

        I got 1/2 price tickets (a whopping $3.50) to get in the door -thought we’d do something different last night.
        but yes- I highly doubt we’d go back anytime soon, unless there was a band I really wanted to see (since its a free concert)

        I typed the above hours ago & never hit send

  4. Steve says:

    That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, except bears. They kill us.

    A very happy birthday to my charming bride today. 39 never looked so good!

    True story- I happened to catch the CBS Evening news the day Jack Benny died. They ran the obit piece and cut back to Dan Rather to sign off. With as straight a face as possible, he deadpans into the camera, “Jack Benny, dead at age.. 39.” Hopefully, you kids are old enough to understand the joke.


    • ITP Lurker says:

      Steve, this one’s for you since you spend so much time at Stone Mountain. A woman helped two deer that were stuck in fences. Or maybe the same deer twice. Regardless, it restored a bit of my faith in humanity.


      • Steve says:

        Not easy to bend wrought iron!

        My neighbor up the street has goats and one got his head out the hog wire fence, and then back in!! There was no way he was going to be able to get his head loose. I saw him on the way home from work a month or so ago. I calmly cranked his head around and got him out, and his expression was very grateful, as well as a little “what took you so long?”

  5. Tests are done. Packing for Hartwell!

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