Fun weekend with a lot of imbibing. My ankle still hasn’t returned to normal, but I am able to hobble about. Due to my injury I will once again skip Moonlite and spend the night at home cooking, cleaning, etc.

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  1. Steve says:

    Friday was a blur. I remember going to lunch at the café, but after that, I have no recollection.

    Saturday had a reasonably early start at Stone Mountain with the annual “moving of the bleachers”. At the committee meeting the last 2 weeks, I’ve stated we were doing the work but if you didn’t know the process, you weren’t needed. Still, folks showed up to socialize. We have 2 sets of wheels and hitch, so 4 people with each set means 8 total folks. We probably had.. 25.

    Sunday was a work day- 4 different, non-overlapping changes. All went well and I was out the door by 11:30. Rode 20 in the afternoon and felt like crap. Yuck.

    I did watch Florida beat up on Auburn on Saturday. I couldn’t figure out how either team was in the top 10- neither looked good to me.


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