At work on Friday all I did was daydream about how much cleaning and organization I’d accomplish by spending Friday night and all day Saturday home alone. To be fair, I cooked a lot, and I did manage to ride my bike on the trainer for an hour on Saturday, but I accomplished little else.

Yesterday morning I tried making a corn pudding, which unfortunately did not work out at all. Even letting it cook more than thirty minutes than instructed it was far too unset, even for a “pudding”.

Unfortunately I am also having more iOS woes, this time related to battery life with my now-aged iPad Air 2. Since loading iOS 13 I have noticed that the battery runs down more quickly than I ever remembering it doing so before. For numerous reasons I don’t travel daily with an iPad any longer, but it’s still bothersome that this is occurring.

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  1. Did a fun Black Sheep yesterday, my Strava app says that I am led 7.2 miles but it was probably closer to 5 miles. Probably not my wisest decision given the state of my ankle, but I had to know where I was I the recovery. “Not 100%” is the answer. Poop.

    Here is a rundown and score of what I cooked this weekend:

    – Pumpkin Pasta = B, perhaps too pumpkiny
    – Mexican Biscuits Bake = A, think breakfast casserole with taco flavoring
    – Instant Pot “Baked” Beans = A, fantastic and will be a little better as I tweak the recipe and instructions
    – Corn Pudding = F, never set even though I baked it for twice as long as instructed; I ate the edges and threw the rest into the trash

  2. barb says:

    nothing too exciting for us this weekend.
    Saturday was lazy, did a little hike at Island Ford (Chattahoochee)
    Went to Krog Street Market for the first time for a snack, then to Trader Vics to meet some parrotheads for dinner – more drinks for us.

    Sunday I spent most of the day with my cabinet maker & his wife – our bench seat is getting close to done, so Tracy is going to be my seamstress to figure out the cushions.
    Way too many math skills needed to figure out the interior foam & the amount of fabric we will need. Last time I used a sewing machine was in high school – so thankfully she knows what she is doing.

  3. Oh yeah, on Saturday night I intended to rewatch “Baby Driver” but was stymied when it wasn’t available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  4. Steve says:

    Debbie got up Saturday morning and helped at a “Hunter pace” (think 5k time trial) at Bear Creek. I wasn’t planning on helping, until she called and said she had forgotten her jacket and would I bring it. Once delivered, she remembered something else she had forgotten, so it was back home once again… grrr. Some football in the afternoon and dinner that night made me feel better. And why is LSU now number 1?

    Sunday after breakfast, we went and retrieved Minnie Pearl, the donkey. She is hopefully now home to stay. I say hopefully, as she is able to walk under/through the hot wire fence with no effect- mainly because the charger isn’t charging the fence. So far, the dogs have ignored her.

    I did have a nice motorized 2 wheel ride- 80 miles with only 1 suicide dog. At 50 mph, if I had hit him, something bad was going to happen. Fortunately, he stopped before we met.


  5. Bonnie says:

    At the Tulsa airport waaay early, hoping to get on a standby flight at 12:39. Bye bye family! If all goes well, and if I’m not too tired, I plan to try and make the hash tonight since it’s a 25-minute walk from my house.

  6. Bonnie says:

    I will not have any iOS13 woes, because both my iPhone and my iPad are too old for the latest update.

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