Last night was the Atlantaville Horror… Watching the United game took me from confident in the first ten minutes to disbelief after 95 minutes. What an unexpected, and unfortunate letdown. Congratulations to Toronto, they did what they needed to do to win the game.

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  1. barb says:

    I didn’t even watch –

    Allan is working today- I wonder what weirdness will happen down there for Halloween? and – its supposed to get cold, so he figures plenty of urban camper calls.

    I don’t really get trick or treaters – but maybe I’ll go out somewhere tonight – just to be gone.

    • I’ll be heading over to Bonnie’s tonight, though I don’t know what I will wear as a costume, nor how many trick or treaters will be out tonight.

      • Bonnie says:

        In non-rainy weather, we’ve been getting around 400. Someone in the “park circle” said they got 700 last year, and I’ve heard up to 1,000!!! Lots of kids must not make the turn onto my part of the street… We shall see what the weather does—more candy for us perhaps! 😉

        • barb says:

          that’s way too much candy to invest in.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            We get bombarded in Grant Park as well. The kids are from surrounding neighborhoods to the south, and we don’t mind brightening their day. I definitely pay attention to the per-bag count on the candy to make sure I don’t overpay. We’re also sparing early on in the evening. Of course, when we’re out, we’re out, and then it’s lights out!

            My favorite trick or treat memory is a few years back a really precious 3 year old came up to our porch with a glorious costume. She was too shy to tell us what she was, and in fact, didn’t know what she was. When she went back to the street we heard her mother exclaim “You a fashion cat, baby!” That little girl was a fashion cat, indeed.

  2. Steve says:

    We haven’t had Trick or Treaters since we moved South. Many years ago (1st administration) we were living in the condos in Avondale and a young kid and his mom comes to the door. I had no clue what the costume was and mom sotto voce’ says “Power Ranger”. Not my era…

    Saw my cardiologist this morning. Ticker still ticking, cholesterol cut in half, BP down, heart rate still low. All good. See him again on the 1 year anniversary. Woot.

    Happy Hollow Wiener!


    • barb says:

      here’s my question Steve –
      is it because of meds, or did you really alter your lifestyle?
      glad all is going well.
      My brother freaked me out about my 89 year old Dad this week- he had his cardiologist check up & says they are checking a leaky valve & a bulging aorta.
      then – the next day – send us “tests are back – all is ok the way they are.” Luckily Allan knows enough medical stuff to explain all that to me.

  3. I just bought a costume. I hope that the temperature takes a dive as predicted, else I will be very warm… Tune in tomorrow!

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