Another good weekend under my belt.

On Friday I spent a relaxing evening drinking wine around a backyard fire.

Saturday was devoted to Trees Atlanta, who held a reunion planting for wayward volunteers such as myself.
Tree Atlanta Volunteering

Though the weather didn’t want to cooperate I planted trees with many people I haven’t seen in years, as well as one with Bonnie, who experienced her first Trees Atlanta project. Bonnie and I finished the evening at a party in Inman Park that included a slideshow which proved via a couple of photos that I was once younger, and thinner.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep day.

And tonight I’ll be seeing Mikal Cronin perform at The EARL.

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5 Responses to 2019-11-25

  1. Steve says:

    Good for you! I think the city got the rain early, as we got the rain late.

    Saturday, I fought some more with the tractor, who is still winning. The folks on the Mahindra FB page have provided several good ideas to troubleshoot.

    Sunday was Thanks-nearing with my family. This was the first opportunity to see me post cardiac trouble and Debbie since her ankle broke, so lots of grief was delivered as only your family can.

    We innocently thought we would stop at YDFM since we were in the Decatur area. Surely Sunday afternoon wouldn’t be a bad time?? Oh hell to the yeah- they were backed up onto E. Ponce since they couldn’t get in the parking lot. A B O R T ! !

    Barb, when do the ‘rents arrive? Paulie, when are you heading South?


  2. barb says:

    crazy weekend –
    Annette & Mark were here until Friday morning – which meant much socializing & drinking.
    Sunday was work on the bench seating – I worked with Tracy on the cushions, we did as much as we could together, now she needs to start sewing.
    they delivered it Sunday late afternoon – got it into the kitchen, (its 1 BIG piece) and then figured out the walls aren’t square (I know, shocking in our 60 year old house). So – much sanding later (& not really as much colorful language as I’d expect) it got installed.
    now our house if filled with dust.
    Mom & Dad & brother Tom get here tomorrow afternoon.

  3. barb says:

    and- Happy Birthday John – aka Ham with Cam!

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