I’m late and have nothing to say today.

I wanted to wake early and hit the trainer before heading to work; wanted, but did not. 😢

Well, at least it’s my payday so I’ve got that going for me today…

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18 Responses to 2020-01-15

  1. Steve says:

    Stopped at REI last night thinking I could find cycling shorts. Apparently not in Winter. 1 small, 2 XL’s was the complete inventory. All on sale though.

    And then to drive to downtown Norcross- almost an hour, for no good reason. WTF,O?

    Games meeting was uneventful.


    • Though I left “late” this morning my commute was unusually bad. When the dream job at “XYZ Corp” ends I will be hard-pressed to find a suitable commute.

  2. Bonnie says:

    After a nudge from Davey, tomorrow I will volunteer at a Habitat For Humanity build that the hash is co-sponsoring, where I’ll once again demonstrate my lack of skills suitable for this endeavor. 😁

    • You will do fine, especially without a talentless coworker like me flagging you.

      OMG, I originally tried to type “flagging” and it was “autocorrected” to “fluffing”. 😮😂

  3. Day 15, the first day this month that I will knowingly eat meat.

  4. Also, hoping the idiot classmate who last night showed up “a little” sick, had to sit next to me, and coughed nearly all class long didn’t spread his germs to me. 😷

    People, stop being heroes! If you are sick, please quarantine yourself if it’s not mandatory for you to be somewhere.

  5. barb says:

    We went to dinner with Panty Waste (Randy) & Butt sucker (Liz) last night at a pizza place in Roswell. They let you BYOB on Monday & Tuesday. and – they do have beer & wine if you forget to BYOB. Pizza is really good, I think better than Antico.
    It was a very slow night, so we actually talked to the owner for a little while.

  6. Walked a mile to lunch, and because I ate too much, I walked from the restaurant to the Amazon to pick up a package. In total I worked up a sweat walking 3.5 miles.

    • barb says:

      Good job on getting some exercise.
      we are finally going to Star Wars – whatever the rest of the title is tonight.
      It up at Studio Movie Grill, about 2 miles, I’m considering talking Allan into walking up there. Don’t know about walking home after, we could just Lyft.

  7. The DOT has yet to fix the signal at 14th/Crescent that gives the cars turning left from 14th to Crescent an arrow and the pedestrians crossing Crescent a Walking Man at the same time. Someone will be injured soon if this isn’t corrected soon.

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