I used to think that everyone should take a trip to Florida to realize that all the old people here were younger once. Believe it or not, I feel that this helps us better appreciate the present. Unfortunately in the last four years the public displays of the pro-Trumpers has made these trips less enjoyable for the likes of anti-Trumpers like myself. There was an interesting irony yesterday however as one of the “Trump 2020” hat wearing bingo players had to share a bingo table with the Spanish-speaking parents of a woman at the same table. 🤔 I’m a little surprised he didn’t build a wall to keep them off his end of the table. 😏

This far I’ve been to bingo twice with my mother, neither of us has won a single game.

Yesterday one of my cousins threw my mother a surprise birthday party. It was really nice, and I got to see more cousins that I’ve not seen in thirty-five years. Unfortunately I committed a faux pas calling one them the wrong name, her mother’s name. 🤦🏻‍♂️ However, she failed to correct me, and if she had I would have apologized effusively.

Today is a day of running errands with a ninety-year-old woman, followed by my last attempt at winning at bingo on this trip.

As an end note I am looking forward to going home tomorrow so I can stop eating so much meat. I know that I should have more self control, but I don’t. Bad Paulie!

I’m also hoping that today will be the last day of an annoying cough that has occurred every day since arriving on Friday. If I can shake the cough I might be able to start exercising again as well.

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  1. Steve says:

    I would not know any cousin of mine without a nametag, and even then very unlikely. When I was a kid, we would go “home” every other summer to Cincinnati and generally see the aunts and uncles. As I was “late to the party” (i.e. mom had me later in life) a lot if the cousins were already “grown”. This is very likely the reason I don’t feel a huge “family” attachment. You blog readers are as much family as any, IMHO.

    A fairly calm weekend. We did have the “We fooled them again” party for the Games. A big crowd and lots of faces I didn’t recognize. We got good news that the event that has followed ours (Country Living) will not be coming back, so we don’t have to rush off the field as much.

    Debbie’s mom has settled in. She does very little besides sleep and watch Starz Western Channel. Seriously, it’s on the entire time she’s awake.

    Paulie, I assume you have heard about Little Willie?


  2. Steve says:

    Apparently, he had some sort of cardiac incident while at home Saturday. He’s in ICU at Dekalb. Initially, they had cooled him off to keep his brain from swelling, but I believe last night they were going to start warming him back up. His sister reported his brother suffered a similar incident- I don’t recall if she reported an outcome.

    Betsy may have more information, as she was at the hospital, I believe.

  3. I guess one of the benefits of becoming 90 is that people pay for you breakfast. I was going to treat my mother, but mine was comped too, so I left a healthy cash tip.

  4. Also, hate to rub it in (weeeeeeell) but it’s currently 70°F and sunny on Florida’s penis (just look at a map and you’ll figure it out 😉).

  5. Ouch, stock market is getting hammered this morning. If this continues I might have to get hammered tonight.

  6. Well after five years it finally happened, the M6 has its first door ding. Probably done by some pro-Trumper asserting his dominance over my liberal Japanese import… 😂

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